Spotify makes a big design change. You’ll like the result

Spotify app

After a long wait, Spotify users on Android tablets and Chromebooks finally start to be presented with a change in the design of the app. And this proves to be simply phenomenal.

If you’ve used Spotify on an Android tablet, for example, you know it just works as a mirror for the mobile version. But with the latest update, that has changed dramatically.

Spotify app

The new interface of the Spotify app for Android tablets is closer to the experience that already existed on the Apple iPad. This means that we have an experience very similar to what exists on the desktop, with a sidebar on the left for navigation.

spotify app android tablet

This design change was “picked up” by Android Police in version v8.5.72.625 for tablets and for Chromebooks. This is a server-side change, so it will gradually reach users.

spotify app android tablet

In the case of my Android tablet, I still don’t have this updated version. But judging by the aspect, the service experience seems to be finally adapted to these devices.

If, like me, you use Spotify on your Android tablet, this is a change that you will simply appreciate. This type of design has been around for almost a year on the iPad, but it’s nice to see that Android users also deserve the same attention.

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