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Spotify launches perfect lists to listen to with your pet!

Spotify continues to try to find ways to keep its users captivated by the service, constantly introducing new features to keep them discovering new music. So far, you had options like “Discover Weekly “,” Release Radar “,” Your Daily Drive ” and also the various lists “Made for you “.

The latest addition comes in somewhat surprisingly, considering it is a list designed specifically for your pet’s “likes”. To gain access to this new playlist you just need to go to the new page and answer a few questions.

Spotify Animal List

Spotify wants to make your dog a true audiophile

First, you will need to tell Spotify which pet you are. For now, the choice is limited to a dog, cat, iguana, bird and hamster, leaving out the popular rabbits. Then you will need to describe the animal according to its level of activity and personality.

After answering the questions, you will be able to upload your pet’s photo and just wait for the “magic” to happen. The end result will be a list of 30 songs that will be selected according to the answers given. If your dog is very calm, the music should be slower, while the opposite should happen if it is a more agitated animal.

While selecting songs, Spotify’s algorithm crosses your selections with your personal tastes to ensure that both are happy with the end result.

Pet Playlists

Spotify worked with a musicologist to create functionality

To make the new functionality as accurate as possible, the company worked closely with musicologist David Teie, an active member of American’s National Symphony Orchestra. In his portfolio, Teie has several albums with music created specifically for animals, and his extensive experience has been crucial in setting up the Spotify algorithm,

Despite the precious help from the musician, Spotify ensures that all playlists are created automatically without any human intervention.

Results should continue to improve over time as the algorithm is used more. Still, you can check out some interesting choices. For example, dogs do not like songs with low records, as they can pose threats.

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