Spotify exposes security flaw that released user data


The Spotify music streaming platform is one of the most popular worldwide and therefore an attractive target for hackers. Unfortunately, this is confirmed again, with the service itself being responsible for what happened.

In a note sent to the attorney general of California, Spotify acknowledged that it was the victim of a security breach. This breach resulted in the exposure of sensitive data to its users.

According to the informed, this security breach has existed since the distant April 9th. However, this breach was not discovered until November 12, which means that its users’ data has been accessible to third parties for several months.


Date of birth or email of users among the exposed data

In the document sent to the authorities, the platform of Swedish origin clarifies the data of the victims of the most recent security breach. Data such as contact emails, date of birth, name, gender and password were involved in this misfortune.

Spotify also announces that this data has been accessible to some of its partners, but without ever reporting which, nor the numbers of those involved. In any case, it rests its users by stating that the data has never been accessed publicly.

“We conducted an internal investigation and contacted all of our business partners who may have had access to your account information to ensure that any personal information that may have been inadvertently disclosed is deleted.”

Adam Grossberg, a spokesman for Spotify, rests the public by saying that only a “small number” of users have been victims of this security breach. However, we cannot quantify the real universe in question.

Spotify redefined injured users’ keywords

To rest users, Spotify reports that it has already taken preventive measures. To those injured by this security breach, the platform gave an order to reset their passwords.

So, if you received any notification for that change, fear nothing. The order came directly from Spotify and aims to protect you and the security of your data.

Finally, alert those who use the same Spotify password on other services. In that case, the advice is to also change those credentials to prevent disruptions on other platforms.

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