Spotify already allows you to save specific episodes of each Podcast

Spotify podcasts

The platform streaming of the world’s most popular music, Spotify, is devoting more and more effort, attention and resources to the bastion of podcasts. These contents where opinion is king and voice, the aggregating element, continues to grow.

With the latest change to Spotify for Android, iOS and mobile devices over the web, it is now possible to save, for example, a single episode of the podcast in question. Previously, the user had to subscribe to all content.

Spotify makes it easy to manage podcast episodes

Spotify podcasts

The update that we are reporting today may seem somewhat modest given the considerable investment the platform has made in acquiring content for this bastion. Nevertheless, it is a new function that will meet users’ needs.

As soon as the update reaches the various platforms where Spotify is available, instead of downloading all episodes, or subscribing to the program, we will be able to choose a particular episode. “Save now, listen later”.

You can save an episode to listen to later

Found a podcast episode you want to save for later? Now you can with Your Episodes. Head to Your Library to find everything you’ve bookmarked and get listening. ????

– Spotify News (@SpotifyNews) November 16, 2020

Users can save a podcast episode even if they are not a recurring listener or subscriber to the show / creator in question. The implementation is also simple, consisting of a new button and option to save a particular episode.

Then the user can find that content in his podcast library, as shown in the video above, recently shared by the platform. Simplicity continues to guide the Swedish company’s implementations.

In summary, it is something simple, but it will help the user to enjoy and better manage the content ecosystem on this platform.

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