Spellbreak, a Battle Royale with a Legend of Zelda air from Switch

Spellbreak, a Battle Royale with a Legend of Zelda air from Switch

Spellbreak, a class-based battle royale

Titles like PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch or Warzone are well known among video game lovers. They are titles that under the Battle Royale scheme offer the possibility of playing alone or with friends in these confrontations that, apart from the different in graphic matters, are usually all very similar.

Spellbreak for his part he does not reinvent anything in that sense, but he does provides a series of novelties and a striking graphic section that the most fans of the latest installments of The Legend of Zelda will like it. In addition, it is a class-based game where the abilities of each character will have a different impact on the rest of the opponents.

Anyway, let’s go by parts and the first thing is to know that this title is recent. It was released a few years ago, but it wasn’t until Gamescom 2020 that the final version was announced in early September. Since then and until now, it has managed to attract more than two million players during its first week, a figure that is not bad at all.

How to play Spellbreak

The first thing you should know before playing Spellbreak is that it is a Class-based Battle Royale. That means that you will have the possibility to choose between different characters that will have their own characteristics.

In the first place, they will have one passive ability and three that they will obtain through scrolls that like any good role-playing game or RPG you will have the opportunity to level up and thus obtain better options when it comes to winning the game.

Once you have chosen these scrolls you will be able to access a practice session with which to become familiar with the skills that each of them offers. In addition to being a great opportunity with something that you will also have to do on a recurring basis: move. So it is good to pay attention to be able to play in the most agile way possible and in the shortest time.

Along with all this are also the element gloves, which work with up to six different elements: fire (Pyromancer), ice (Son of the Frost), stone (Petromorph), lightning (Conduit), toxins (Toxicologist) and winds (Tempest). They all have primary and secondary spells that are nothing more than different types of attacks with each of them. By being able to equip yourself with two gloves, you can combine different elements and their respective attacks in order to do more damage to your opponents.

These gloves, as a good wizard and sorcerer game that it is, feed on mana. So it will not only be enough to know how much mana each type of attack spends, but also the time necessary for its recovery and thus be able to continue attacking.

Then there are the Runes, stones that give the character certain abilities temporarily such as running faster, jumping and descending slower, flying for five seconds, invisibility, teleportation, etc.

They are one of the most important objects in the game because they provide an extra advantage that can be what marks the outcome of a game. You know, if you are the only one who can temporarily fly, it means that you will have an advantage over the rest that, well used, can be what makes you win.

Finally there are all additional objects like boots, potions and other accessories that help you improve your character during each game. All are important to a greater or lesser extent, although here again the key is in how you are able to take advantage of them according to your style of play.

Gaming experience

If you have experience in games like Fortnite and the like, adapting to Spellbreak will be easy for you. So in a matter of few games you will already be widely familiaror both with the game and its controls and the fighting. You will only have to investigate the different configurations that his gloves and other objects allow to draw up your strategy.

Anyway, the most striking thing that makes the experience change compared to other titles is its graphic section. Here it is logical to think that it will depend on the personal tastes of each one, but if the aspect of games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild attracts you, it is very likely that it will conquer you from the first minute.

The design of the characters, their costumes and the settings is very reminiscent of the Nintendo game and that makes it have a special appeal. In addition, everything related to the animations of the characters is also at a good level, so the experience is very satisfactory.

Of course, the best of all is that it is a completely free title. To play it, you will not need more than to access the Epic Store on PC to download it or go to the application store of your console to find it and do the same. This does not mean that it has additional packages that offer aesthetic improvements and you do have to buy with real money.

Download Spellbreak

Are you interested in trying everything Spellbreak offers? Well, you just have to download it for one of the platforms where it is available. Nintendo Swtich, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Epic Games Store for PC.


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