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Space X – Elon Musk wants to send the first mission to Mars in 5 years!

Space X - Elon Musk wants to send the first mission to Mars in 5 years!
Elon Musk wants to take Space X to Mars in 2022

Today Elon Musk spoke at the International Astronautical Congress of what motivates him to wake up every day. Of course I speak of Mars and the dream of any Human Being to set foot on another planet.

Mars has been an ambition for NASA and ESA for many years, but only with Space X do we begin to realize that the red planet is not that far away.

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In his 40-minute presentation, which you can see below, Elon Musk spoke a little about the achievements of Space X. Interestingly, the presentation day coincided with the company's most important day so far. The day they managed to get their first rocket into orbit. After 3 failed attempts, in the 4 rocket would be the last chance to try to survive in business, which fortunately materialized.

Space X's goals are to make 30 launches as early as 2018. This means that 50% of the rocket launches in 2018 will be from the company's entrepreneur.

Elon Musk believes that Space X will be able to meet the Mars travel deadlines!

In the presentation we could see more details on how to get to Mars, from the rocket itself, as well as its operation and financing. After all explained, which can be boring for some, it's time to talk about dates!

We all know that Elon Musk is not exactly on time, but, according to him, if things continue as they are, it will be possible to send the first missions to Mars as early as 2022.

These missions will carry only cargo. There will be two missions aiming to land rocket "monsters" on Mars. Two years later Elon says it's time to take the first man to Mars. In 2024 4 missions are planned to take place. Two with load and two more with load and about 100 people each.

But why so much load? Elon also "painted" what will become of Mars when the missions are "normal". Increase the city, increase the population and consequently build a new civilization.

And what happens to the people who go there? Have death announced on another planet? – Not exactly. Elon says that Mars has enough resources to make fuel to return to Earth. It won't be the safest trip ever, but it will be the most unforgettable!

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