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Space Jam 2, everything we know about the movie

Space Jam and Michael Jordan

Space Jam was released in 1996 and it must be admitted that at that time it turned out to be a somewhat strange movie. And we do not say it by combining cartoons with real actors, something that we have already seen in other productions such as ‘Who Framed Roge Rabbit?’, But by mix the Looney Tunes with aliens, basketball and Michael Jordan.

Possibly that’s why critics didn’t like it, but despite not getting positive reviews, the film ended up becoming a cult film. So much so that during these 25 years there have been many who demanded that there be a second part.

This new installment was confirmed in 2019 and now that we are closer to its premiere there are interesting details that we can tell you. As well as others that will help you to put yourself in a situation about what the first installment meant and why it was so special. We strand by parts.

Space Jam: a new legacy

The title of the sequel to Space Jam is Space Jam: a new legacy (Although for many it will be simply Space Jam 2). And although the possibility of continuing the original story had been considered, we have to say that it will not be like that. What you will see will be completely new, there will be the Looney Tunes and there will be basketball in between, but the adventures will be new as well as the guest stars of the NBA. Or stars, because you will not be alone.

Thus, from the first installment you just have to know that at that time Jordan, Bugs Bunny and their friends had to compete in a basketball game for their freedom. If they lost they would have to go to a new planet to serve as an attraction. Luckily it was not like that and they won, although it cost them, because they had no idea of ​​playing basketball and that is why they turned to Michael Jordan.

Now we will see how they propose the new adventure, who will be the new villain and if other players appear, everything seems to indicate that it will be like that.

From Michael Jordan to LeBron James

As we have said, if in the first installment the guest star was Michael Jordan, this time we have LeBron James as a reference. Although everything seems to indicate that it will not be the only one. This was confirmed by the player and actor himself, so it is very likely that other players from the NBA and the WNBA will make their own appearances on screen.

On the other hand, there will also be room for other actors such as Don Cheadle (Avengers) and Sonequa Martin-Greem (from The Waking Dead) to take on roles within the film. Although it is unknown if on the side of the good guys or the bad guys.

Nothing is known for sure about the idea of ​​a possible cameo or not by Jordan. The player and actor already commented years ago that he was not interested and that he would focus on his career. But of course, it is possible that he has changed his mind and does appear. But we’ll see that when the movie opens.

Release date Space Jam 2

Regarding the premiere date, the New Space Jam movie will be released on July 16, 2021 otherwise there is any setback. We suppose not, because all the filming has already been completed, so it is in post-production.

Another thing is that they do not find the most suitable way for its premiere and thus be able to make the investment profitable. That is why bets like Disney’s with Mulan are so important, because they will measure the extent to which users are prepared to face a change in consumption habits of something as established as cinema.

Curiosities of Space Jam

For the rest, now that you know everything that has been confirmed so far about Space Jam 2, what do you think if we know some curiosities related to the first installment:

  • The first is that the Space Jam website is still active 25 years later. This is strange because they are often used as a marketing tool and then disappear. But here it has not been like that and if you access www.spacejam.com you will see that everything is still intact, including its design so from the 90s. Without a doubt, a trip in the time machine
  • Space Jam was the first Looney Tunes movie or feature film. Until then they had only appeared in multiple Warner Bros series, but never on the big screen.
  • Michael Jordan recorded all of his scenes on an all-green turntable, with players also wearing green. With the exception of some scenes with Bill Murray, it must have been curious for the player to see the before and after with the Warner characters already within the film
  • As an animation production that mixed real characters with drawings, at the production level it was a significant challenge. Today the digital recording tools and applications of Chrome Key are more precise and help much more, but the results obtained in this film were very striking. In the top tweet by Carolina Jiménez you can see some moments and even link to a video with the before and after
  • Space Jam is the most successful basketball movie in movie history. We will see if it holds after the premiere of the second part. We assume not and that you will lose a title that you have held for 25 years
  • The five aliens who take on Jordan, Bugs Bunny and their friends steal the sports skills of Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Lary Johnson and Shawn Bradley
  • Space Jam had a post-credit scene, something common today but rarer in those years. You have it below

As you can see, that for so long a second part of this film has been requested is now much more understandable. Space Jam meant a lot in those years and basketball is still one of the great sports. So it makes perfect sense for them to bet again.

In addition, the production company in charge of the film, SpringHill Entertainment, It’s from LeBron James himself. So it all makes a lot more sense. And by the way, the director will be Terence Nance and Ryan Coogle the producer, who you may know from their work on Black Panther. Ah, the first movie of Space Jam is available on Netflix.

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