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Sony WH-1000XM3 Review | Forget the world around you

Sony WH-1000XM3 Review | Forget the world around you

Listening to music without any outside disturbance is the desire of any headphones user. If you get a lot of noise from outside, you will tend to turn up the volume, which is not the best solution for the health of your ears.

This is where noise canceling headphones and earphones emerge. And in the case of headphones, there is a model that stands out, even though it was launched a year ago – the Sony WH-1000XM3.

Sony WH-1000XM3

If you want headphones with the latest noise canceling technology that will make you forget the world around you while you have them in place, this review is for you.


First of all, I tell you about the price that can be a counter for most consumers. In UK they sell for 379 euros, but if you are aware of fluctuations, you can easily find them closer to 250 euros on Amazon of Spain.

Design and comfort

Aesthetically, I consider them quite elegant. With a plastic and metal construction, you can have them in place for a long time, which will certainly not have any problems in terms of comfort. As far as weight is concerned, it is only 254 grams, and I would say that just after an hour your ears begin to "ask for air".

Charging and autonomy

One thing to keep in mind is that these headphones already have USB Type-C input. In addition to having a battery life that can easily come close to 30 hours with active noise cancellation, they also have fast charging. With 10 minutes of charging, you'll have an additional 5 hours of guaranteed listening, and will charge fully in just over two hours.

Sound modes

These are some headphones that you are sure to buy for the noise canceling mode which, I must tell you, is amazing. I tested their competitors – the Bose N700 – and they didn't seem superior in this regard.

This means that if you are traveling by train or by plane, you will not need to place the music at high volume so that you are completely oblivious to the outside noise. Voices are something you might notice with the music turned off, but constant noises like airplanes, cars or washing machines will be pretty much drowned out by technology.

In addition to this mode, you have the basic mode. Here you will have only passive noise cancellation. There is also ambient sound mode so you can hear everything going on around you without having to remove the headphones.

The controls

It is this point that leads us to gestures. You have only two buttons: on / off and allowing you to switch between modes. However, on the right headphone you will be able to control your music and volume with gestures.

Two taps on that side and your music is paused, sliding up or down controls the volume, and side sliding controls the music you are listening to. If you are in noise canceling mode and want to hear what someone is telling you, just plug the pad on the right side with your hand, and you immediately hear everything.

Sound quality

These are not headphones for audiophiles. I have tried headphones with better sound quality, but their price was also much higher. The great purpose here is to have a very balanced sound, and not to have any outside interference.

The mobile app

Like any Sony product, the bass is quite powerful, but I find it quite balanced in the midrange and treble. With the app for Android or iOS comes an equalizer where you can configure the sound to your liking.

This is also where you will discover more “jokes” that you can try on these headphones. You can enable adaptive sound control, which basically monitors your movements, and adapts the sound accordingly.

You can also control the position of the sound if you want it to appear on one side, front or rear. In addition, 360 audio scans your ear so you can feel a live show experience.

Integrated Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Something very important that you can map in the application is what the sound modes button is for. You can map it to control Amazon Alexa or, as in my case, to control Google Assistant. And at least on Android it already works in UK's of UK.


If you value active noise cancellation combined with price-appropriate sound quality, these are some headphones to keep in mind. Working anywhere is no longer a problem with these Bluetooth headsets, and your commute trips will be much more relaxed.

Don't expect them to cancel out all the noise around you, but you will surely be amazed as soon as you try them. The big problem is the reality shock when you take them off.

You can order them from Amazon of Spain this Black Friday, if you want to have the ones I think are the best in their segment today.

Buy Sony WH-1000XM3 from Amazon of Spain

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