We can say that Sony is no longer what it was in the smartphone world. Although it is a strong brand on consoles, televisions or even audio, mobile phones seem like a losing battle.

It seems that these statements are not just statements by brand lovers and analysts. Sony has just closed its official “Sony Mobile” website.

“Sony Mobile” website closes, what does that mean

Sony smartphones can have their days numbered! You see

Therefore, we can see that Sony’s focus is no longer on the mobile segment. The closure of this website, which now leads to the “Sony.com” website, shows us that.

The truth is that we no longer see Sony spending a lot of time implementing technology on their smartphones. Even though it was the first brand to bring a 4K screen to a mobile phone, it justified little more for users to buy their smartphones.

What failed at Sony

In a personal opinion, what started this debacle was the launch of smartphones every 6 months after the Sony Xperia Z2. The market was not prepared to see so many smartphones of a single brand on the market. It should be noted that Sony was also unable to justify the price of its mobile phones.

The devaluation of their equipment was increasing and users started to be afraid of choosing the brand.

Lack of design innovation

Even today, Sony smartphones look like the equipment launched 6 years ago. This is a problem. Sony refused to follow the market ideology.

It took time to reduce the margins of their smartphones and continued to bring a “sharp” rectangular appearance. Something that has gone out of fashion with the evolution and popularization of Samsung and Huawei smartphones.

Sony had everything to be dedicated to gaming

We must not forget that Sony is also the owner of PlayStation. The brand has everything to create a smartphone exclusively with the console and attract gaming lovers.

The mobile gaming market is growing and Sony has the knife and cheese in hand. We only have to know if the brand wants to revive its brand or sell the possibility to other brands to connect to PlayStation.

In short, it is sad to see Sony where it is. He was a lover of the brand and everything he did. As I mentioned above, it was from the Sony Xperia Z2 that my opinion changed.

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