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Sony ponders building a '' full screen '' Sony Xperia

full screen points on the AnTuTu Sony XperiaSony is one of the top-rated and most reputable Android manufacturers in the smartphone and mobile market. It is also one of the manufacturers that most resists market trends. Now the company will be contemplating the production of a full-screen Sony Xperia.

Their austere and even stubborn stance is something that gives them praise and criticism with equal weight and measure. While on the one hand it is one of the few Android manufacturers not to give in to the notch trend, on the other hand it has already adopted the dual camera with the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium.

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Still, only recently have we seen a Sony Xperia with an 18: 9 aspect ratio, a full screen display (or almost). Full screen here means a small frame screen like a Samsung Galaxy S9 with its Infinity display.

Now, during an interview granted by Sony itself to average Japanese, the Android manufacturer has shown interest in this concept. Indeed, the full screen is one of the vectors of development or courses of action that will be contemplated by the Japanese.

Next Sony Xperia May Have a "Full Screen"

During this same interview, the manufacturer stated that the implementation of the 18: 9 aspect ratio on the Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact is due to its popularity in the market. To the popularity of the 18: 9 format / standard that is. Something consumers already want, know and look for on their new mobile devices and allows them to deploy a larger screen. Something that the brand itself has recognized as beneficial to the smartphone experience.full screen Sony Xperia Kaz Hirai Android smartphones Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

According to the brand itself, a full screen smartphone can be something more than a communication tool. Still, Android maker said the ideal shape / look varies from smartphone to smartphone, with no fixed formulas.

Sony has resisted market trends …

Take an example of its latest high-end Xperia XZ2 Premium featuring a large screen with 4K Ultra-HD resolution. Still, this terminal keeps the 16: 9 format and not the current 18: 9.

Sony justifies such an attitude with the general use of the Android device, having designed the entire smartphone with 16: 9 format in mind. So that the user can enjoy multi-media content, which is the purpose that led to the construction of XZ2 Premium. Take a look at the prices of the latest generation of branded smartphones, below.

According to the brand, the implementation of 18: 9 format for a full screen puts an unnecessary frame on the content. Still, the manufacturer wants to enhance the entire enjoyment experience of movies, series and music.

The future goes through the full screen

In addition to clarifying the whys and whys of its insistence on the 16: 9 format, the Japanese manufacturer was receptive to new concepts. One being the full screen, very narrow margins and 18: 9 aspect ratio.

The brand wants to give users the best experience possible based on the technology available. We now know that the company is at least putting this hypothesis on the table for its future terminals.

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