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Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Germany will produce half a million cars a year

After Elon Musk confirmed that they would build Tesla Gigafactory 4 in the immediate vicinity of...

Bill Gates says his biggest mistake was losing the mobile market for Android

During a recent interview, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates spoke of some of his biggest regrets. One...

Razer Blade Stealth: the full review 2020

That's it ! Razer laptops have finally arrived in UK and the first of them, the Blade Stealth, has stopped by the Lab. Announced...

Don’t worry, Halo Infinite for Xbox One won’t be delayed anymore (for now)

Is Halo Infinite going to be delayed on Xbox One? The only thing that could mess things up more would be a new delay, and...

Sony PlayStation Celebrates 25 Years With Amazing Guinness Record!

As Sony PlayStation celebrates its 25th anniversary, they have received even more reason to celebrate. It has been officially revealed that the "non-portable" console brand "PlayStation" is the best selling ever, with over 450 million units.

This achievement was not only made official by the brand, but was awarded an official Guinness Records award. Not surprisingly, we have confirmed PlayStation's dominance of the console world, but surely 450 million units sold is an impressive achievement.

Sony PlayStation achieved an average of 18 million sales over 25 years

For those who think that 450 million units over a 25-year period is not that impressive, the average console sold per year should be able to "paint a better picture" of the brand's success.

For a quarter of a century, the video game giant managed to keep an unbelievable average of 18 million consoles sold per year. This is undoubtedly a feat worthy of receiving a Guinness Record.

Sony PlayStation Guinness Record

I recall that the first PlayStation was launched in Japan in 1994, winning the title of first home console to exceed 100 million units sold (102.5 million in total). Its successor, PlayStation 2, was the most popular of all time, reaching over 155 million units sold.

Sony then faced dark times with the launch of the PlayStation 3, which only reached 87 million units sold. The console's high price was undoubtedly one of its weaknesses, also coming a year after the launch of its rival Xbox 360.

The current PlayStation 4 has brought Sony back into the spotlight, dominating the market from day one. Since its launch, over 102 million units have been sold, but it seems unlikely that it will ever break the PS2 record.

PlayStation 5 promises to revolutionize video game world again

So far, much information has circulated about the next generation of PlayStation consoles. The new model promises to bring major technological and design innovations.

However, it looks like it will also look like the most expensive PlayStation console ever, with a price tag that could exceed $ 600.

If you are looking forward to the arrival of PlayStation 5, know all the information published so far in this article where we give you updated information about the console.

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