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Sony patent promises a smartphone like never before!

Sony patent promises a smartphone like never before!

It is fair to say that in the world of smartphones Sony is far from what it was. The Japanese brand is trying hard to get to the top, though, with a number of compromises in its equipment, lack of design innovation (for many years), and poor marketing has caused the brand to lose its north.

However, the page is changing. Folding smartphones are a breath of fresh air for the lost manufacturers, and Sony knows it.

Tony stark smartphone

A smartphone (tablet?) With unique capabilities

The new Sony patent shows us a smartphone (or tablet) capable of understanding how the user is grasping the device. With a wide range of sensors, the device promises to adapt the User Interface as it is being grasped. That is, let's imagine an "automatic steroid spin".


The patent further states that the folding screen will have the ability to be transparent, identical to the Samsung screen you can see below. In order to give you privacy, at the back of the screen you can always insert a wallpaper that does not show what is on the front screen.

samsung screen

We don't know if this screen will be part of the "scrollable" solution that Sony patented a few weeks ago. We just know that this smart screen is much more than a smartphone or tablet.

To put it bluntly, this patent looks more like a gadget from a sci-fi movie that will let any tech lover cling to your credit card so as not to scrape it fervently.

Sony deserves to be on top

It is not only and only of its history. Sony is a brand that tries (even) to succeed. The first 4K screen on a smartphone is from Sony, the first 5K screen will also be branded.

No one yet knew what glass-built smartphones were, and Sony did them. In addition, columns stereo? Since the Xperia Z2 in 2014 the brand has made them.

It's time to see Sony where it should be. Hopefully it is with folding smartphones that you can do it!

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