Home Gaming Sony opens the door to launching a PlayStation Pro 5

Sony opens the door to launching a PlayStation Pro 5

Sony opens the door to launching a PlayStation Pro 5

The vice president of hardware at Sony Interactive Entertainment recently gave an interview with interesting revelations. Although not saying so directly, Masayasu Ito does not close the door on the introduction of a PlayStation 5 Pro in the future.

Masayasu Ito believes Sony should be able to keep up with technological developments. In this sense, the launch of PS4 Pro was the method found by Nippon to be able to introduce this evolution midway through the life of the PlayStation 4.

Additionally, he points out that the PS4 Pro was a test for the life of the upcoming PlayStation 5. Statements that tell us that the company will be able to release a Pro version of this console later on.

PlayStation 5
Design development kit for the PlayStation 5

Sony believes that the life of the consoles shrank

In an interview with Masayasu Ito, he talks about the longevity that consoles have in the market. If years ago it was normal for a console to persist in the market for 7 to 10 years, today things are different.

With rapid advances in technology, Ito believes that the life of a console has shrunk to 6 to 7 years. Is this an indicator that a possible PlayStation 6 could reach a maximum of 2027?

This is the conclusion we can draw from the statements of the vice president of hardware at Sony Interactive Entertainment. But by the time we reach 2027, a PS5 Pro may be released.

Judging from what was the PS4 Pro, this possible console will only include minor changes to keep up with the market. Perhaps when the market has taken 8K in force there is reason for a hardware upgrade.

PlayStation 5 will already be a super capable console

The idealization of a PS5 Pro is still too early by today's industry standards. These days, 4K is the strong bet of the market and PlayStation 5 will be more than capable of delivering us games in that resolution in a fluid way.

This will be supported by your AMD-developed processor based on its Ryzen. Your graphics will also be AMD's responsibility, this time based on its Navi technology and support for ray-tracing.

You can also see everything we already know about PS5, from expected games to the most important specifications and dates.

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