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Sony KD-65AG9: the full review 2020

Forgotten the emblematic crutch of AF9. With its new OLED, Sony returns to a more traditional design, certainly, but also easier to integrate into a living room. Said crutch is replaced by a very thin central leg, therefore very discreet. However, it considerably lowers the center of gravity of the TV, making it almost impossible to position a soundbar in front of this AG9.

Sony AG9

Always more finesse

If it is very close to the furniture on which it rests, this Sony TV is above all very thin. This is obviously the case at the level of the screen, since OLED technology makes it possible to reach an extreme level of finesse, but it is also true for the electronic part, well distributed at the back of the screen and which n ” does not exceed 4.2 cm. Special mention to the finish of the AG9, Sony having paid particular attention to the details on this television. Evidenced by the covers provided to hide the connectors or the very ingenious cable passage system. Except for the remote connection of the Samsung Q85R, via its One Connect box, the Japanese company offers the best on the market.

Finally, the good news is that the new high-end OLED model from Sony can, again, be hung on the wall. As a reminder, the AF9, to which it succeeds, loaded part of its electronics into its stand, which made hanging on the wall delicate to say the least. This time, Sony returns to a more classic approach and even offers an optional in-house support, the SU-WL850 (count 250 € all the same).

Improved image quality despite declining brightness

In terms of image processing Sony takes the (very) good bases of its previous model AF9 by integrating the processor X1 Ultimate which has largely proven itself, in particular on the 75XG9505 which we reviewed a few weeks ago.

We particularly appreciated its performance in terms of content scaling as well as the “X-Motion Clarity” motion compensation engine which counterbalances the effects of retinal persistence. Unsurprisingly, the AG9 has the same benefits, and by extension, remarkable image quality. There are always excellent viewing angles (thanks to OLED) and deep blacks. It is also the OLED technology that should be praised for the contrast level of the TV. This can be considered infinite since each pixel can be turned off on demand.

Our only downside concerns the screen brightness measured at 261 cd / m2. In fact, the brightness is not the strong point of OLED screens and this KD-65AG9 could not deviate from the rule. However, the results measured by our laboratory are particularly weak and inferior to those of AF9 (305 cd / m2).

Last year, we highlighted the tendency of the AF9 to shoot blue, this is still the case this year on the new high-end OLED, but the optimizations made by Sony on the panel, still supplied by LG , have reduced this defect. Finally, on the color temperature side, Sony achieves a very good performance by remaining close to the reference 6500K.

Android TV once again mastered

The interface of the AG9 benefits from the considerable progress made by Sony in its appropriation of Android TV. We already had the opportunity to welcome the arrival of a clear, fast and user-friendly interface in our review of the ZG9. It’s simple, the AG9 uses exactly the same recipe for equally satisfactory results.

The benchmark for TVs in audio quality

With the AG9, Sony is upgrading its famous Accoustic Surface Audio system. The manufacturer communicates little in terms of power (Watts RMS), but demonstrates in fact that it masters its technology a little more each year. This time, the screen incorporates two transducers (against three on the AF9). It is by vibrating the surface of the slab that they emit the appropriate sound signal. These three diffusers are supported by two subwoofers and it is clear that even if the method is unusual, the result is there. The audio quality of this high-end OLED from Sony is excellent, which shows that a TV can produce correct sound as soon as it is a problem really taken into account by its manufacturer. Audiophiles will certainly not be content with the native sound of the AG9 and will add a soundbar worthy of the name or a Home Theater, but the vast majority of its users will not have to suffer from a sloppy sound.

Finally, and it is to be welcomed, Sony has been able to listen to feedback from its users since the introduction of this system on its A1 television in 2017. It is now possible to switch the television to central channel mode and integrate it to a Home Cinema system. In this configuration, it is no longer necessary to place a speaker at the level of the screen since it acts as a central speaker.

The verdict of the review

Sony KD-65AG9

Initiated in 2017, Sony’s OLED range is improving every year. This KD-65AG9 is proof of this since it only makes the right choices in terms of evolution. By exchanging its crutch for a more conventional stand and making its audio part more customizable, Sony demonstrates that its approach is good and that it takes user feedback into account. However, although it has many intrinsic qualities to the OLED, the AG9 suffers a little from the comparison with its best competitors in terms of brightness. Finally, if Sony has made the right decisions to develop its high-end model, we can regret that these changes remain confined to sound and design.

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