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Sony KD-55XF9005: the full review 2020

The successor to the Sony XE90 is there and it’s called the XF90. In the 55 inch version we received for reviewing, its exact reference is KD-55XF9005. It fits into a wide range of LCD TVs and tries to provide an alternative to the (more expensive) OLED models with a lot of image processing technologies and processes. To start with, this model uses a 55-inch Triluminos panel coupled with a Full LED backlight system for which the light zones are individually controlled to produce the best possible contrast. Note that it is not as precise as the OLED (where each pixel is self-emitting), but the multiplication of the zones (Sony does not indicate the exact number of zones) makes it possible to obtain a fairly fine and dynamic rendering .

This is in any case the observation that is quickly imposed on us, as is the high-flying performance of the X1 Extreme processor that equips high-end TVs from Sony.

Excellent color calibration

The first strong point that we saw with the naked eye after several hours of use and validated with our measurement tools concerns the color fidelity. With an average Delta E2000 in “cinema pro” mode of 1.22, we can speak of an exceptional color calibration.

Recall that the closer this result is to 0, the more the colors are faithful. If we consider that, beyond 3, the loss of loyalty is damaging (but not always really noticeable), the results are rather between 2 and 2.5 for the best TV – this is the case for example for the excellent LG OLED 55C7V with an average Delta E in cinema mode at 2.1.

And our other measures show equally impressive results. The brightness bursts the ceiling with 658 cd / m² (with a light peak at 1000 cd / m²) making this XF90 one of the brighreview TVs in its LCD category. Add to this that the contrast measurement also counts among the best with a value of 5218: 1 in cinema mode.

A powerful processor to manage all techs

With all its excellent measurements, the KD-55XF9005 is above all, for the consumer, an excellent television. Whatever films we watched, between this high brightness and this exceptional contrast, we were won over by the image. Admittedly, the effects of clouding are not as well mastered as with OLED, but this television is doing quite well. The multiple image processing technologies do the job, both in enhancing contrasts (Dynamic Range Pro), in the fluidity of the image (X-Motion Clarity) and even upscalling. The good scaling of Full HD content is welcome. Whether for playing a Blu-ray movie or simply for a TV program, via the TNT tuner or the signal from your internet box. In summary, the Sony X1 Extreme processor does its best to display a flattering image to viewers, including SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) sources – although a difference is noticeable when using a true HDR-compatible source.

Working with Android TV, this 55 inch embeds multiple video streaming services such as YouTube, Molotov, Amazon Prime Video and, of course, Netflix. The HDR10 and Dolby Vision compatibility of this panel also allows you to enjoy optimal quality with certain series broadcast by Netflix.

A high price

During our review of the Sony KD-65AF8 OLED TV, we criticized the manufacturer for not delivering a slightly more premium remote control, in line with the high-end positioning of this model.

The criticism is also valid for this XF90, a television sold all the same 1799 euros. Which brings us to its second weak point: its price. For a budget that is fairly close, it is possible to fall for OLED televisions, of last year certainly, but which remain excellent models, however. This is the case for example of the LG OLED55C7V or even of the Philips 55POS9002 which, even if it does not offer perfect colorimetry, was able to seduce us with its Ambilight technology. Therefore, as powerful as this KD-55XF9005, once in store, you could be attracted to the 2017 vintage OLED competition which will also benefit from promotional offers during the World Cup.

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