Sony recently launched a survey of PlayStation users. In one of the questions, the Japanese wants to know the degree of interest of respondents in using the Remote Play service on Nintendo Switch.

With the Remote Play service, you can play your PlayStation 4 games on devices such as your computer, tablet or smartphone. In short, it is Sony’s response to the growing streaming gaming market.

After the huge success that Nintendo Switch had on the market, it is natural that Sony wanted to take dividends from that popularity. However, it remains to be seen whether Nintendo would be willing to allow such a maneuver.

Nintendo Switch

The portability inherent in Nintendo Switch offers a new reality for the gaming world. With the same console, you can play at home or away, thanks to its hybrid system.

Therefore, with the availability of Remote Play on this console, users could play their PlayStation games anywhere and with the comfort of the controllers. Smartphones offer us portability, but not the same comfort as a remote.

Microsoft may also bring xCloud to Switch

Although nothing is guaranteed, there are those who believe that Microsoft has plans similar to those of Sony. In this case, the idea will be to bring the xCloud service to the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, this is just a rumor, so we should add a good dose of salt. We do not know to what extent Nintendo will collude with the entry of competing services on its popular console.

Still, this could be a positive aspect for Nintendo. With this kind of service, the Japanese company could offer games that we don’t normally associate with its consoles without having to worry about processing them. And that could draw more users to your console.

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