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R-TV BOX Pro Amlogic S912 Android 6.0 4K 60FPS Media Player

GBP 45.99 , Wholesale Price, R-TV BOX S10 Plus RK3328 Android 8.1 4GB/64GB 4K TV Box Wireless Charger KODI 18.0 WiFi LAN HDR H.265 Compatible with iPhone X iPhone 8/8 Plus & Galaxy Note 8 S8/S9/S9 Plus and All Qi-Enabled Devices

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Apple will allow the game via streaming, but in its own way

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Libratone Track Air +: the complete review 2020

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Sony is banning PlayStation 5 users for sharing the PS Plus Collection library

How to share the PS Plus Collection library

PS Plus Collection

Let’s put ourselves in situation. You have a PS Plus account, but for now you’re still enjoying a PS4. Do you have access to the PS Plus Collection? No. How could you access? Well, buying a PlayStation 5. But what if you buy a Playstation 5 and then you return it for some reason? Would you still have access to the games? Bingo.

Taking these details into account, there are users who have been thinking about a system that allows them to offer access to other users, and the solution was quite simple. What some users are doing is the following:

  • They have a PS5, so they are able to see the PS Plus Collection catalog
  • They ask a ‚Äúvolunteer‚ÄĚ with PS4 to offer their access data to PS Plus
  • Log in from your PS5 with that borrowed user account and add all the games from the exclusive collection to the library
  • Log out and return the profile to its owner
  • Invite to change password to maintain privacy
  • This user logs into their PS4 and can now download all the games in the PS Plus Collection by being linked in their library

Smart, right? Well, this has not done anything funny to Sony, since it considers that users are violating the rules of the service, and as expected, many users are taking advantage of this trick to market with the function. Knowing the steps, many users with PS5 are offering to unlock the games for a small price, so that, with a single payment, the user who pays the amount will receive all the games in the collection in their library.

Taking into account that the list of games includes quite important titles, many may find it worth paying the 30 euros that many are asking for doing this remote login process. However, it appears that these methods are causing quite significant collateral damage.

Banned for sharing and doing business

PS5 wallpaper

The problem is none other than Sony, and it is that the company refuses to allow these maneuvers, since the initial idea is that the service was exclusive to PS5 users. For this reason, the company is beginning to ban indefinitely the accounts of the owners of the new console who sell their services online, while users with PS4 accounts who have shared their access key are being banned for a few weeks.

So now you know, neither be so ready to sell your services in your privileged position or fall into paying for such an offer, since whatever the case you will end up paying it in the form of a ban.


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