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Sony H8541 – Is this the new borderless Xperia flagship?

Sony H8541 Xperia Flagship
Sony will launch a radically different design flagship in 2018 – the image is just a concept.

Look at this indicator from AppBrain. UK is dominated by Samsung and Huawei. In Brazil, the scenario is repeated with Samsung but Huawei is replaced by Motorola. The Sony? Where is it? Maybe on store shelves. Maybe in the pocket of some fans of the brand. On this side is well treasured, a memory of the past. Now, let's look at the Sony H8541, which may be next flagship Xperia, by 2018!

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Since we talked about confirming a new design for the Sony Xperia in 2018, the spark of hope has rekindled in a way. It's time to introduce a new design, Omni-Balance was good, but since 2013 it has hardly changed.

Sony H8541, will this be the next flagship Xperia for 2018?

Now where the fingerprint reader will be, what the camera will be like, where the secondary camera will be. We will have a screen without bezels?

I hope so. I, a consumer apparently destined to choose builders who replace their tops every 6 months. Practice that we continue to find counterproductive for both the builder and the consumer who sees their product devaluing.

After about two weeks of seeing the first leaks, we now have a much more complete picture of this supposed flagship, the Sony H8541. Note, this time we have a distinct Xperia but this is not surprising as the brand will be developing several new equipment.

All of them with a presentation probably scheduled for the next edition of Mobile World Congress. At least one of them will be a flahship. At least one of them I hope is practically without bezels or margins. Is he the H8541?

Sony H8541 Xperia Flagship
Is this the next high end of the Japanese construction company?

Note that so far, and unfortunately, we haven't seen any real photos of this Xperia yet. Not even one surrender (digital image) of the equipment. However, here we have some flagship specifications. A smartphone with some snags …

In the image above we have a list of specifications of this Sony H8541. We don't even know if the Japanese builder will decide to stick to the "Xperia" nomenclature to refer to their smartphones. At this point we will have to wait a little longer for the information.

The Sony H8541 could be an Xperia flagship

We do know that this Sony H8541 will have a body with 149 mm of height, 74 mm of width and 7.5mm of thickness. Putting these dimensions in perspective we will have here a device very similar to a Samsung Galaxy S8, differing mainly in width.

The Samsung model is only 68mm wide and this is due to its screen format / ratio 18: 9. Already this Xperia will be 74 mm and this may indicate the use of 16: 9 format, the old format. Something that leaves us with some doubts. Is this model a flahship?

Sony H8541 Xperia Flagship
The traditional smartphone design of this Japanese developer

Since the resolution of the display this Sony is not referred to in this information leak we cannot know whether or not it will have the new ratio 18: 9 but let us hope so. Apart from looking younger, the advantages of ergonomics and usability are undeniable.

We do know that this screen will be 5.7 inches with some of the features that we already associate with the top of the brand, its flagships. Specifically, 4K Ultra-HD resolution, HDR technology and the presence of TRILUMINOS Display technology and even X-Reality. A luxury quartet that will be protected by Gorilla Glass 5 glass.

What more do we know about the Sony H8541?

Hardware level here is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor. Now if this Sony wants to be called a flagship by 2018 should already use the next Qualcomm processor. We know, it has not been presented yet but this should happen next December.

Need to remember the case of LG G6? A great smartphone that has never enjoyed much popularity, in part because of its processor being the Snapdragon 821, the flagship of 2016 – not the 835 released in 2017?

These are not differences in performance, they may even be negligible. It is the media impact, the reception by the public. Now a flagship that arrives with hardware of 2017 and that in 6 months will be replaced. The omens would be nothing, nothing positive!

Sony Xperia R1 Plus Android Market Apple iPhone X Sony H8541 Xperia Flagship
The design of your smartphones remains markedly yours.

We are then faced with two hypotheses. Or this model H8541 will not be the Xperia flagship or top of the range for the first half of 2018. Or else it will actually be top of the range and … well, we already know what it will give.

Once again, you may even have the best resolution in the world. It may have the best construction. You even have a lot of MPs in your camera, but if your heart is already outdated. Hardly the public, consumers will regard it as a flagship up to a Galaxy S9 or LG G7.

And finally?

Anyway, as far as we know today it can simply be a Compact model. Had it not been for Sony one of the few developers to make excellent smartphones in compact form. In that case, the Snapdragon 835 would be forgiven.

Finally, at memory level we will have here 4GB of RAM. Not to mention the 64GB of internal storage that can be expanded via microSD card. One hybrid slot (dual-sim or microSD). We'll also have fast charging technology for your 3420mAh battery in this Sony H8541. Without forgetting Stamina Mode. Android Oreo will be there, of course.

Now, we wait for the first images to arrive but I leave you with a question. Will it be a flagship Xperia / flagship?

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