Sony and its future full frame for everyone

A few days ago we talked about the new Nikon Z5, a mirrorles proposal by the well-known photography manufacturer and with which they sought, among other things, to offer a more affordable solution for a large number of users. Especially, of all those who seek full frame, but are not willing to pay what higher-end models cost. Like, for example, the latest Canon EBoxS R5 and R6 or the recent Sony A7S III.

Well, now it seems that Sony is going to respond to Nikon with a product that they surely had already planned to launch due to the interest that full-sensor cameras arouse: the new Sony A5. But what do we know about this camera? The answer is that not much, but some details that more or less let us draw what it could offer and to whom it would go.

To get started, the name of Sony A5 has been known through a registration in Taiwan, a market where these registrations are normally made before launching globally. And through it that the camera would include the same battery used by the full frame range and the latest Sony A6600.

All this suggests that it will arrive with a theoretical Full Frame sensor. Of course, it will have certain limitations to make it more attractive at the price level. The first is that it would integrate a single SD card slot, but I would still have the already classic WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options.

Despite the fact that the data is still scarce, the truth is that they help to understand that Sony is going to launch a new family with a full-size sensor called A5 and that it would be closer to what the A6600 offers than other proposals such as the A7 III. A solution focused on those users who are looking for the advantages and particularities of Full Frame compared to APS-C and with a more affordable price. Although here everything will depend on what each one understands as acceptable.

Sony A7 II

The Sony A6600 costs 1396 euros only the body and on offer. For that price it is great, because the camera as we could already see offers very high benefits – so much so that there were even occasions where it outperformed the A7 III – but many will still find it too expensive. So, assuming that the Sony A5 will be halfway between the 6XXX range and the popular Sony A7, to see what price it has and if it compensates between saving some money and going for the great A6600 0 put little more and contribute for the A7 III.

We will be watching for new news regarding a camera that hopefully also includes the fully articulated screen of the Sony ZV-1.


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