Sonos devices that will no longer receive updates

As of May 2020, some of Sonos devices will stop receiving software updates, they are equipment that in some cases have more than ten years in the market and the only thing they will receive are possible patches that solve security problems that may be encountered. This is what the company said.

Since we started marketing products in 2005, we have applied many improvements that are not compatible with these products due to hardware limitations. Products that can be recycled are currently classified as old and will no longer receive software updates, as well as new features, as of May 2020.

These are the “affected” teams and they become obsolete software level:

  • Sonos bridge
  • Sonos Connect
  • Sonos Connect: Amp
  • Sonos CR200 Wireless Remote
  • Sonos Play: 5
  • Sonos Zone Players (ZP90, ZP100, etc)

If you are wondering why you will not receive future updates the answer is very easy. Hardware level They are no longer ready to add future features. Moreover, to put you in perspective, when any of these devices was launched on the Spotify market or even existed.

Therefore, it is too much that with these storage capacities and CPU power they have been able to add new functions that allowed to reproduce content from different services. And these speakers do not work via bluetooth like many others in the market, but require their own software to run those mini applications that connect to different music services via streaming.

Do I have to throw away my Sonos speaker?

Sonos Move

Do not, you are not going to have to throw or get rid of your Sonos equipment. At least, not if you don’t want to. That they will not receive software updates does not imply that they will be rendered useless as of May. You can continue using it as you have been doing so far.

What you have to keep in mind is that if they are within a configuration of more current Sonos speakers and devices – that they would receive software updates – you should not update them. If you do it then yes you could not use them together.

So you have the option of not updating any Sonos equipment until you decide to change the ones that are obsolete, or create two independent configurations. On the one hand the new equipment, and on the other the oldest that you could take to stays with less use or what you see fit.

Logically, the option that Sonos is interested in is also the possibility of taking advantage of the Sonos exchange program whereby they offer a 30% discount when they “exchange” an old device for a new one. But it really wouldn’t be what we would advise unless you were very clear about the advantages it would bring you.

Therefore, you know, as of May your older Sonos devices will only receive possible security updates. And if you combine these with new models, do not update any to continue using them in a group way.