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Someone imagined a Fall Guys LEGO set that could be a hit

A game that sets trends

LEGO Fall Guys

Such is the reception the game has had that there is no big-name streamer who is not playing live on Twitch. The games are fast and extremely fun, and also have certain moments that make the player despair, since the rivals can make things difficult for us by tripping in the middle of the race. Anything goes as long as you win.

Fall Guys is already a fad, so other brands are front and to the hands in order to take advantage of the pull of the game. We would not be surprised to see new Funko based on the game’s characters, although another product that could see the light of day would be a themed LEGO set. And, after seeing the official Super Mario LEGO, who wouldn’t want to have one of Fall Guys?

A product idea

LEGO Fall Guys

That’s just what you imagined The Real Ashnflash, a user of the LEGO Ideas portal who has posted a design inspired by the video game. The LEGO Ideas website is for users to propose designs that could see the light if they receive the necessary support, so this user has decided to imagine what a Fall Guys set would look like, and is asking for help to make it come true.

And boy is he succeeding. After posting the idea on Twitter, the official Fall Guys account was quick to support the idea by stating that “I need this”, and at the same time has appointed the official LEGO account to take the idea to production.

LEGO Fall Guys

At the moment it is no more than a request, but considering that the project already has 3,400 supporters, something may come out of here in the end. And he has no lack of reasons to believe in it, since previously we have been able to see how ideas such as the LEGO set of Friends were born there, or many others that can currently be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Can this LEGO from Fall Guys be purchased?

LEGO Fall Guys

No, for now it is an idea in the air, so unless your creator shares the index of necessary parts and the assembly instructions, for now we can only wait for LEGO to see the creation of the set favorably and decide to send it to its stores around the world.

Having seen what has been seen, Fall Guys It won’t matter to you, so in principle there should be no problem sharing the brand. Although knowing how some spend them with that of the distribution of percentages, it will be better not to claim victory yet.

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