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Someone has bought the new DJI drone before it is introduced

Goodbye Mavic

DJI Mini 2

Everything indicates that the manufacturer is going to dispense with the Mavic nomenclature to leave the product name in a simple and concise Mini 2. This new quadcopter would be based on the body of the current one. Mavic mini, but it would introduce a number of quite interesting changes that would allow you to increase the performance and capabilities of this little flying gadget.

Where was it purchased?

DJI Mini 2

But we start with the truly morbid. Where did you buy this DJI Mini 2? It seems that someone quite observant discovered that a DJI drone model had been put up for sale at a Best Buy that until now was completely unknown. On the box it claimed to be a Mini 2, so without thinking too much about it, he decided to buy the unit and take it home.

And yes, it was finally a final unit of a drone that DJI should present in the coming weeks, since the equipment was fully functional and the product was perfectly packaged. Looks like someone at Best Buy’s warehouses went ahead with restocking.

Features of the DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 2

Although this user has not shared any video file recorded with the drone (shows a small recorded fragment), he did want to show all the characteristics that are specified on the box, in addition to making a quick comparison with the current Mavic Mini. As you can see below, the drone weighs less than 249 grams (to avoid problems with flight regulations) and one of its most striking features would be related to the battery.

And it is that a new large capacity battery would now be able to offer up to 31 minutes of flight, a quite important figure that would improve the flight time of the previous generation. In addition, thanks to the implementation of technology OcuSync 2.0 HD, this tiny drone would be able to broadcast video at a distance of 10 km, while the recording of it would reach resolutions 4k (in the absence of confirming if it would support rates of 100 mbps).

How much will it cost?

DJI Mini 2

Unfortunately, the video does not clear up the great doubt, and that is what the sale price of this new device will be. In any case, everything indicates that prices will basically be the same as always, placing themselves in the 399 euros for the basic version of the drone and 499 euros in the “Fly More” kit, which is the one shown in the video, as it includes three batteries, a triple charger, a carrying bag and some other accessories.

When is it officially presented?

We will have to wait for DJI to rule on it, but at the moment we had no record of any official presentation, so we will see when the manufacturer decides to surprise us with the launch of this very interesting drone.


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