"Soft" smartphones will be safer thanks to Google!

"Soft" smartphones will be safer thanks to Google!

Encryption of an operating system is a key to its security. Encryption allows you to set a pass and only access data through it.

In the case of Android, encryption is not new. However, not all devices running Google's operating system have this option.

In fact, many smartphones are not protected in this way. The cause being their low performance processors. However that will change soon.

Adantium ensures encryption for the most modest smartphones and wallet friends

Google announced today that it will introduce a new encryption method. This method is called Adantium and was made to run even on smartphones with low processing power.

First, encryption has been around by definition on Android since Marshmallow. However, not all devices have CPUs that can meet encryption standards. Android currently uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) system.

This question does not only cover smartphones. Low frequency devices like smartwatches or smart TVs also suffer from the same. The Mountain View company also explains that AES runs on these devices but greatly affects the user experience.

In this sense, a rule has been made. Devices set at speeds of 50 MiB / s or less would not run AES. But through Adantium will already have encryption available.

Google wants this to represent a choice for manufacturers as well. So when manufacturing a range input device, they will still have a default security option there.

The goal is for encryption to be available on all Android smartphones, regardless of price, range and features. This change will start with Android 9 which already supports Adantium and we will certainly see also with the future Android Q.

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