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Snapchat reinvents itself with Spotlight, the new rival of TikTok

The company will dedicate millions of dollars to be able to pay users in exchange for new popular videos. This is one of the premises of the new TikTok rival, the Spotlight function that has just been made available on the Snapchat app.

Wanting to get back in the spotlight, Snap, the company that owns Snapchat, has just announced the new tool dubbed Spotlight. It is a new option for creating content in the Snapchat application, a tool tailored to the TikTok phenomenon.

Here’s Spotlight, Snapchat’s response to TikTok

The section will show the videos created by users and, according to the company, will pay up to $ 1 million daily to those responsible for the most popular accounts. It is, therefore, a bold move by the American company.

The videos will be highlighted in the application and, if this is not enough motivation, Snap will pay generously to the creators. The technology wants to attract more users to its applications and this is one of the most direct ways to do so.

The formula is identical, if not equal, to that of rival TikTok, with short and fun videos that encourage smiles and attract more followers to the platform. In return, the company makes it very clear that the remuneration can be quite rewarding.

Snap will pay creators $ 1 million a day!

For users, in addition to being able to make their followers smile, financial motivation will be the biggest motivation. However, the American has not revealed exactly how it will calculate, or pay the content creators.

In any case, it appears from the press release that the calculation is made based on the number of views of the video each day. For now, in the initial launch phase, the company will invest $ 1 million daily by the end of 2020.

Short, fun and (well) paid videos on Snapchat

Snapchat Spotlight

It should also be noted that nothing is said about the end of this strong remuneration and investment on the part of Snap, which may even continue during 2021. Something that can be sustainable as soon as Snap starts showing advertising on Spotlight.

Finally, it remains to be seen how appealing this content will be with the TikTok formula within Snapchat. Can this Spotlight compete with the current phenomenon of TikTok? What is certain is that on Instagram we also have Reels, a format that has gained some traction.

Although the future is uncertain, at least in Spotlight we will not have videos imported from TikTok since the platform does not allow Upload of watermarked content from other platforms.

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