Snapchat “races against the tide” registering growth during the pandemic


The global pandemic of COVID-19 does not seem to have affected Snapchat much. Snap, the responsible company, shared its results for the second quarter of the year, marking the months when the pandemic affected the world’s industries the most.

The results are positive as the social network managed to attract 9 million new users during the quarter. In addition, revenues reached $ 454 million. In perspective, the company estimated revenues in the order of 239 million, exceeding its expectations.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said he was surprised by the growing positive impact on the social network. Dereksen said that this time of the pandemic was the cause for several fluctuations in the use of social networks by the public and luckily Snapchat was included.

Additionally, the CEO claims that the number of posts on Snapchat has been increasing every day, along with the increase in users. Still, Spiegel mentioned that he knows this is growth that may not be completely stable.

Snapchat intends to bet on Augmented Reality

Snapchat is extremely popular because of its Augmented Reality filters, where they distort users’ faces or design objects and dolls in physical space. There was also an increase in usage on the Lens Studio platform, where users can create Augmented Reality filters.


Snap will also implement something called Snap Minis. These are small and simple applications within Snapchat, where users can send messages to friends, play games, study or just meditate.

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