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Smartphone with “scrollable” screen. Here is the first video from TCL’s smartphone

TCL may not even be one of the most prominent manufacturers in our country, however, it is one of the companies that is working well and, little by little, gaining market share.

TCL is one of the most capable companies in the world. Incidentally, this TCL is the owner of BlackBerry and Alcatel. Only then can you realize the financial strength for an Asian company.

TCL scrollable smartphone

The latest video, which you can see above, you can see for the first time the TCL scrollable smartphone. In fact, we can see two different models.

One where it looks like a small scroll (the most correct way to show the capabilities of this screen). However, the other model is the most relevant.

The screen “grows” as requested. We don’t know if this could be an automatic or manual process. We only know that TCL has already managed to deal with the display technology to launch it.

scrollable smartphone

We only have to know if the construction of this type of screen on a smartphone is feasible. That is, making a smartphone may not be a problem, however, it will not be easy to manufacture millions of these terminals.

So, we really have to wait and see. TCL has already shown that it is in the market to gain even more prominence. After the failure of Huawei due to obvious situations, TCL (and other manufacturers) here has a golden opportunity to stand out and win over new users.

In short, it should not be for the year that we see one of these terminals on the market. However, mobile technology is about to change. Whether with foldable or scrollable smartphones.

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