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Smartphone hacking tool can access your cloud data

Smartphone hacking tool can access your cloud data

There is hacking software called Pegasus that can access all the data you have stored on your smartphone. As if that were not enough, it is now well known that it can also access data stored in the cloud.

Reported by the newspaper Financial times, it is reported that services like Google Drive, iCloud or Facebook Messenger are among the vulnerable batch. Additionally, Amazon and Microsoft servers can also be accessed through this tool.

How it all works

Pegasus can be faced with spyware. It is a program that can be installed on any smartphone or computer without the user realizing it. Its goal is to gather information about user habits and send them to a remote server.

Therefore, Pegasus can be installed on a smartphone via a link sent via SMS. Once installed, here is the information it can collect:

  • SMSĀ“s
  • Emails
  • Calls
  • Location History
  • Your browser history
  • Photos

Once installed on your smartphone, Pegasus will collect your access credentials for the various services already described. Once collected, data is sent to a remote server that attempts to submit these access credentials to its services.

Since credentials are trusted, access to the servers is granted and all your data is downloaded. Additionally, this data is synchronized with your smartphone, leaving no trace of the hacking performed.

It is likely that few users will be affected.

As we all know, Pegasus is an expensive tool, so few will have access to it. This is why it is a tool that is usually owned by governments or information agencies.

This means that you will not be the average user to have access to this software. In this sense, the range of those affected by this vulnerability is expected to be reduced. Still, it's scary how a simple program can access data that we think is securely stored.

Targeted services are already aware of the problem and trying to solve it

The companies targeted here claim to be aware of this security hole. Consequently, a way is already being developed to prevent this scheme from continuing much longer.

However, the best thing you have to do to keep your data safe is to pay attention to the links you upload. Never access a link that comes from a source that is not completely reliable to you.

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