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How to watch Sling TV without an American bank card

It is impossible to convey how frustrating the fact that your choice of content on the Internet is limited because you live in the wrong country. Sling TV is one of the best picks – and – pay options (choose and pay), but unfortunately for most, this service is only available in the USA. Sling TV is not only limited to the geoblock – but it also accepts only American credit cards as a payment method. However, we have found a universal way to enjoy content on Sling TV, and even regardless of whether you have a card issued in the USA or not. The solution is to use the right VPN service watch SlingTV without American-bank card and apply the amazing trick discovered by our experts!

A quick guide on how to watch SlingTV without American-bank card

  1. Select a VPN service. Check out our list of top VPN services below. Caution, spoilers: NordVPN
  2. Once you start the VPN application, connect to any server in the USA.
  3. Buy a Sling TV Gift Card via PayPal.
  4. Go to Sling.com and scroll to “Redeem Gift Card” (activate gift card) under “GET DEALS”
  5. Follow the instructions to create an account and activate your gift card.
  6. Choose your favourite show and start watching!

Why do I need a VPN service to watch Sling TV?

To watch Sling TV outside the United States, you need a subscription to the VPN service, since the Sling TV service is geographically blocked, and users from other countries cannot access its content. Thanks to the VPN, you can connect to a server in the USA, thus preventing the service from seeing your real location. Also, the geoblock is not the only obstacle to watching Sling TV …

What to do with the requirement of Sling TV to pay with a US credit card

You also need to find a way around the Sling TV requirement to pay with an American bank card. Do not worry – we also have a solution to this problem. Through PayPal, you can buy a gift card for Sling TV, which you then need to activate on the Sling TV website. The code for the gift card is sent directly to your email account, so you can register for an account on Sling TV in a few minutes. If you take this workaround, you won’t need an American bank card to watch Sling TV — but don’t forget to turn on the VPN when you activate your gift card.!

The best VPN services for registering on Sling TV and further viewing

1. NordVPN

The winner in our nomination Best VPN- service 2019 has high-quality round-the-clock technical support and is a reliable and safe service. Also, the application is very simple to download, install and use. Thanks to the convenient user interface of the NordVPN application, choosing a server in the USA is very simple for those who want to watch Sling TV. No wonder this is the most popular VPN service in the world!

2. ExpressVPN

This service is widely known as the fastest premium service in the VPN market, so ExpressVPN fully lives up to its name. At the same time, this provider understands that speed is not everything. User privacy is also highly valued here, which is protected by reliable data encryption. Connecting to the server is very simple, it only takes a couple of clicks! Most ExpressVPN users value service for reliability.

3. TunnelBear VPN

Like the first two VPN services from our list, TunnelBear VPN offers a choice of many server locations in 90+ countries, so you will find a good server in the USA that works great with Sling TV. And if you want to extend the subscription to 3 years, this provider offers the cheapest tariff plan of all the available premium services. Find out why he became the third among more than 300 VPN services!

4. PrivateVPN

 watch Sling TV without  American bank card

PrivateVPN is becoming more popular and it’s easy to see why. There is a lot of good here: you can connect up to 6 devices at a time, the connection is reliably protected, the speed is high, and the tariff plans are inexpensive. Affordable monthly PrivateVPN plan is ideal for those who want to try a VPN and not get a long-term subscription. This is just one of many reasons why many users believe that this VPN service will continue on its way to the pinnacle of success!

5. IPVanish

Another great Sling TV-compatible VPN service, IPVanish, has over 2,500 servers worldwide. Each of which will provide you with a well-encrypted IP address to protect your data. Users like the connection speeds of this service and the absence of delays when watching a video.


Now that you know how to watch Sling TV from anywhere in the world without an American credit card. It’s time to sit comfortably on your couch and start watching! Remember the key steps: subscribe to a high-quality VPN service and buy a Sling TV gift card on PayPal. So all you have to do is choose the right VPN service. Fortunately, most of the best VPNs offer a free trial and money-back guarantee. So you can always try them out without losing anything. Best of all, we were not too lazy to look for additional information to save your money: look terrific discounts that we found the other day for the services of the best VPN services!

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