SL Benfica officially arrives at Amazon


SL Benfica is the first UK’s club to launch its own store in that is one of the largest platforms of e-commerce of the world – Amazon. The news was announced today officially by the club of Light.

Members, supporters and fans of the Incarnate Club will now be able to purchase official products from Amazon de España, thanks to this partnership. There you will find products such as the latest equipment, but also official balls or scarves.

SL Benfica Amazon

According to the official statement, this partnership is due to the fact that the incarnated club wants to be “increasingly close to the millions of beneficiaries worldwide”.

Benfica is pleased to be present on a platform that has been betting heavily on the sports market, as Amazon has a strong presence in the sale of official merchandising to both clubs and federations.

Benfica wants to strengthen presence in international markets

“This partnership fits in with SL Benfica's global strategy, which has been working for several years to strengthen the brand's presence in international markets,” the statement said.

With this partnership, it will be easier for many users to purchase Benfica branded products. It is hoped that more UK’s clubs will be able to follow this example, and place their products on this type of platform.

SL Benfica Store on Amazon of Spain

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