Microsoft has improved its video call service by creating a version of Skype that does not need installation or registration to create a video call.

The application is simple and quick to use. Still, it is worth mentioning that it is still in its initial phase. That is, all the potentials that Skype says it is possible to do, some of them we could not find in the settings of the group call.

How Skype’s new video call service works

Skype service

The process is very simple. You just need to login, click on the link to create a video call and deny when asked if you want to create a Skype account.

You get a link to share the video (or copy the URL after you’re inside the video call) and you’re done. The person just needs to enter through that link and it is done.

Relevant features of the new video call service

  • Share your screen in the image
  • Record the video call for later viewing
  • Blur the background (we didn’t find the functionality)

You can make calls to multiple people

video calls

Skype did not say how many people can join a video call, however, it is believed that the limit is in the 50 people we have in the Microsoft application.

This is basically a “Skype Lite” that you don’t need to install and know the names of everyone to join the calls. Just share the link and you’re done.

Some equipment is not supported

skype video call

We can also verify that on some smartphones the service is not compatible. You would really need to have the Skype application. The Honor 7X is an example of that.

However, we experimented on several computers and without any kind of problem. That is, simple, fast, without registration and free. Perfect for being able to talk to co-workers during this quarantine.

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