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Shenmue will have animated series: the yakuza returns

The Shenmue anime

Shenmue is the name of an important video game series created by Yu Suzuki. The first installment was published in 1999 and many consider it since then as one of the most influential in the future of open world games. And it was introducing a game system called FREE (Full Reactive Eyes Entertaiment).

Thanks to this game system, and taking into account that it was released at the end of the 90s and for the Sega Dreamcast, the title placed us in front of an experience close to real life through a series of interactions with characters in locations that had been taken from real places in Yokosuka (Japan). All this while there were also weather changes during the adventure.

Well, after that success they repeated with Shenmue II and in 2019 they released the third installment for PC and Playstation 4. Of course, this last time the impact was no longer the same. Possibly because with the leap and technological advances much more was expected, that they would surprise again as they did in 1999.

Now, in 2020, it seems that they are going to surprise, but not in the way you might imagine. According to Deadline, AT & T’s Crunchyroll has announced that Shenmue will have his own anime series.

Shenmue Series

The protagonist will once again be Ryo Hazuki and the plot seems to be the same or very similar to what was experienced with the first installment. And it is that Ryo seeks to become an expert in martial arts with the aim of being able to avenge the murder of his father at the hands of a group of the Japanese yakuza.

A story that may seem basic and even repetitive, but it keeps hooking. Because the yakuza, which is how the Japanese mafia is known, continues to be one of the topics that attracts the most attention and interests many of those who do not live in the land of the rising sun. Although many Japanese may think otherwise and would like not to have to speak or hear anything from her due to the fear that they continue to awaken today.

Going back to the series, at the moment there is not much additional data. It is known that it is in the production phase by Telecom Animation Film and that Crunchyroll has ordered 13 episodes. Well, that and that the creator of the game himself is involved assuming the role of executive producer as well as that the direction is in charge of Chikara Sakuri, who you may not know by name but by his work in the series One-Punch Man Season 2.

We will see when it is released whether or not they manage to catch the fans of the game and all those who all the topics related to Japanese culture and stories attract so much attention.

Latest Posts

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