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Apple: Developers upset over latest decision on iOS 13

Apple has decided to remove the "always allow" location of iOS 13 in pop-up format. Instead,...

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  Shop buy Android powered Smart TV Box Kodi TV boxes Stoke Android powered TV The latest Android powered Smart TV Box. Shop buy Android powered...

Kratos will sneak into the Fortnite universe very soon

Kratos will sneak into the Fortnite universe very soon Images Youtube Videos

Run: PlayStation 5 units are available on Amazon

The mission to buy a PlayStation 5 It is practically impossible. Sony has limited the distribution of its new console to the online market,...

Sharing screenshots on Nintendo Switch just got easier

Nintendo best screenshots on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced the arrival of a new firmware update for its Nintendo Switch portable console. The version 11.0.0 at last it improves one of the characteristics that today most users of any platform demand, that of sharing screenshots and video of their games.

Of all the novelties, the most important of all is the one related to the screenshot and videos. Now this content can be sent directly to your smartphone or even PC without having to go through the use of a Twitter or Facebook account as it used to be. And that’s interesting, because if you didn’t want to share these captures in public, you had to have private profiles, so it was a problem to switch accounts.

Now the process of sharing this material, without being extremely comfortable, is somewhat simplified and offers a little more versatility. In this way, if you want to share a capture with your smartphone, all you have to do is from the share options select the option to Send to mobile phone. This will generate a QR code that you will have to scan to access the download link for the file.

The second option is to do it directly to the PC through a USB cable connection. You connect the Nintendo Switch to the computer and within System settings> Data manager> Screenshot and video gestures you can activate the option to transfer the files.

Other news of the new Nintendo Switch Firmware

It is true that it is still a very Nintendo way of sharing and it is not completely comfortable, but it is a significant improvement over what was previously and that required the use of a Twitter or Facebook account.

Along with this new firmware version 11.0.0 come other new features such as automatic download of cloud save data to several consoles where the same user account is associated. Also a new Trends section within the user page that provides a social plus by showing what your friends are playing or a new direct access to the online services of Nintendo Switch.

Finally, this new update also adds 12 new user icons what are themed for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. But without a doubt, the most important of all is the one we have discussed about the captures. Despite being able to make it even easier, with respect to the previous method it will now be less lazy to share those moments that catch your attention.

How to update the Nintendo Switch software

To update the software of your Nintendo Switch you just have to go to the System Settings and in the last option of System select Update system. With your console connected to the internet, it will search for the new firmware on the Nintendo servers and after downloading it will proceed to the installation process.

From that moment on, you can start enjoying these new features, small and large, that seek to improve the user experience with the Nintendo laptop.


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