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Share mouse and keyboard on different PCs – Synergy

Share mouse and keyboard on different PCs - Synergy

Who has two computers and uses them daily has a common problem. The mouse and keyboard are a headache. Either you have a huge desk to leave a beautiful and elegant setup, or everything is always tumbling and lost.

We all enjoy convenience. Simple and practical things. But we are increasingly demanding, especially in terms of technology. Fortunately, technology rarely disappoints us and every day new stories come up that will make our daily lives easier.

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If you're one of those (me type) who has to have two computers to work assertively and evenly, this Synergy program will undoubtedly be very useful.

Personally, I work with laptop and fixed PC, ie basically I am required to use the laptop keyboard more touchpad and the mouse and keyboard of the stationary PC.

But with Synergy you only need a mouse and a keyboard. This program shares the keyboard and mouse of the primary computer and makes it work on the secondary computer, but beware, it only works on computers on the same network. It is a program open source which has the same effect as a physical KVM.

Share mouse and keyboard step by step with S


First thing to do is download the program.

After the download completes, you install as normal as any other download.
program. After all this, open the application and you will have to follow these steps to the letter.
1st – Select the language you want – easy.

2nd – Ignore Premium order and select “Not Interested” – “Not Interested”.

3rd – Here you will have to choose Server (For main PC) and Client (For PC that will no longer have keyboard and mouse).

4th – In case you are in a public network you can protect yourself with a password. If you are at home, skip this step and click "Finish" – "Finish".

5th – On your main PC or Server you will have a series of IP's but one of them is in bold. You will copy this IP and put it in the configuration of the secondary PC or Client. Then on your main PC you will click on “Configure Server”

6th – Click on the PC above that will represent your secondary PC and you will place it on the right side of the main PC. So whenever you want to use the secondary PC you will always have to drag the cursor to the right and when you want to use the main PC again you have to drag it to the left again.

Finally click "OK" and then "Start." Synergy will do the rest and you're ready to work in the most organized way possible.

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