Home Entertainment Box Share the love and win an EBox T8 V internet box with i8 Keyboard

Share the love and win an EBox T8 V internet box with i8 Keyboard

Share the love and win an EBox T8 V internet box with i8 Keyboard
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Win a Brand new T8 V internet box 

Valentine's Day Competition Give Away! There are two EBox T8 V Internet boxes available with the winners to be picked out by Saturday (one box to be given away per Platform – Twitter / Facebook). The competition rules are as follows:

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Entry via Twitter

  • Show us the love and tweet why you love Entertainment Box.
  • You'll also need to retweet our Valentine's Day Post
  • And finally Fav or post

Newest Features of the Ebox T8 V internet Box

The principal feature of the T8 V4 was its SATA HDD and the Ebox T8 V internet box will be able to easily accommodate that. This basic design feature was retained due to its feasibility but a set of newer features are what make the Ebox T8 V internet box such a smart gadget.

Following are the features that make 2017 version better:

  • 4K HDR at 60Hz
  • The Amlogic S912 Octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU processor
  • The Octa-core ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU
  • Android 6.01 (Marshmallow)
  • A 10-bit colour acquisition that gives access to 1,024 shades of each primary colour
  • The custom dual launcher; convenient for both beginner and expert users

Features in Detail

The new and existing features of the Ebox T8 V internet box make it a powerhouse of entertainment. Let us shed some detail on how some of the features will be delighting the users:

Internet Box

The latest Android OS gives more flexibility and customization capacity to this internet streaming box. The internal design of the Ebox T8 V internet box consists of 2GB of RAM and an impressive 16GB storage. This means that a reasonable amount of files and applications can be easily stored on the device and the speed of access is not disrupted.

The external design of the device features an all-black and sleek body. The sophistication of the design and the elegance of the black colour makes it easily fit with your home entertainment centre. It also has IPVanish the Best VPN for Android installed.

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Small Design, Multiple Connections

The sleek design of the Ebox T8 V internet box packs a set of hi-speed connections that provide ultimate convenience to the users.

The side consists of an SD card slot, reset button and 2 USB inputs. The back has another USB port along with an OTG slot, video output, optical cable output, HDMI port, Ethernet connection and power connection output.

The bottom of the device features space for another hard drive. This allows you to increase your storage space for more files and applications.


T8 V truly packs all the features that can convert any TV into a smart source of entertainment. With a fast processor, convenient internal storage along with space for more, flexible compatibility with different TV sets, quality resolution and more great features, this device is definitely making a mark in the smart entertainment industry.





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