Senior man plays Pokémon GO on 45 smartphones at once (video)

Senior man plays Pokémon GO on 45 smartphones at once (video)

It's called Chen San-yuan, and was known to play Pokémon GO on 11 smartphones at the same time. The chart continues to rise, and at this moment already uses 45 devices to play.

Aged 70, is also known as 'Grandfather Pokémon' and walk the streets with a structure mounted on your bike to 'catch them all.' As you can see in the video below, this structure already allows you to have the game running on 45 mobile phones simultaneously.

If Mr. Chen's bicycle has been able to dock an impressive 30 devices six months ago, the stakes continue to increase. The Taiwanese appeared with his bike at an event in Taipei, and was the focus of all the attention of the players present at the venue.

Eventually, he spent more time taking pictures with players than playing at the event. However, if you play Pokémon GO, you know that it is impossible to actively play on 45 accounts at once for a single person.

Chen San-yuan

As for the origin of so many smartphones, it is known that brands like Asus or Huawei have already offered devices to Mr. Chen. The challenge seems to be now seems to realize how far this bike's structure can handle.

Pokémon GO continues to keep many players three and a half years after its release. Group play is something the game prompts for raid activities, which Mr. Chen clearly can do on his own.


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