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Apple may launch next iPad Pro next week

With the news that all MWC 2017 has brought, Apple is one of the brands that...

All the Baby Yoda on sale that you can buy for Black Friday

Baby Yoda, the most popular of The Mandalorian We always say that perhaps not even Jon Favreau himself, showrunner of the series, was able to...

Vivo launches Y20 and Y20i: two champions of the “budget” range!

Through the leaker @stufflistings, the design and features of two new Vivo smartphones: Y20 and Y20i...

Google Chromecast and Google Home will make the dream come true with new functionality

Google Chromecast and Google Home are indispensable gadgets in my home. Many users already know...

Send your name to Mars on NASA's next Mars 2020 Rover mission

This is not the first time that NASA has given us the opportunity to take some of us to Mars. While it's just a name hidden on a chip somewhere on the machine, it's always something we are proud to participate. At least I speak for myself.

The new mission "Mars 2020 Rover" goes to the red planet in 2020 and you can send your name aboard the mission. The "boarding gate" closes on September 30 this year.

How to send your name to the red planet

To send your name to Mars you just have to register on the NASA website. Give your name, zip code and email. Shortly after registration you receive a small "boarding pass" which you can always share on social networks or print and paste in the living room.

Mars travel

By registering you will also earn miles. These miles will be worth nothing to you but a good starting point. When there's nothing to say you just have to say "Do you know I have 300 million miles accumulated?"

What will the Mars 2020 Rover mission bring?

The mission is scheduled to start as early as July 2020 and will reach Mars in February 2021. If the landing is successful, the "Mars 2020 Rover" should replace the already "dead" Discovery.

Mars 2020 Rover

That is, we have more information about the appearance of the planet, geology and whether or not there is any sign of life. This is the big question hanging in the air. If Mars has ever been (or still is) a planet with life.

By 2030 Man is expected to go to Mars

NASA and Space X are working to get the first man to step on Mars by 2030. However, we still do not know how far these deadlines will be met. Research around the planet is essential, but even more important is understanding how astronauts will survive the trip. I remember that the trip to Mars can take a few months and we don't know how the human body will react so long without gravity.

18,000 UK’s registered for previous mission

More than 18,000 UK’s sent their name in the previous mission "InSight". In Brazil there were 50 thousand people and in the USA more than 600 thousand. The good news is that your name, as InSight "has landed safely on the red planet and is already working to bring us more information about the" tremors of Mars. "

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