See what Huawei’s first smartwatch with HarmonyOS will look like (video)

See what Huawei's first smartwatch with HarmonyOS will look like (video)

These days the conference for developers of Huawei is taking place, from where several news regarding its software arrive. After announcing the second version of HarmonyOS, Chinese technology gives us the first glimpse of how your operating system will behave on your smartwatches.

The idea of ​​the short video that was shared was never to show us the design of that smartwatch. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is wrapped in a kind of box, giving all the prominence to its software.

Although the interface is in Mandarin, there are some details that are easily noticeable in the video. Right from the start, the way of interacting with HarmonyOS will not be much different from current systems. It will be through gestures that we will be able to navigate through the different menus.

Regarding functionalities, the presence of an SpO2 sensor for measuring blood oxygen concentration, heart rate sensor and monitoring of physical activity is confirmed. Again, well-known topics in this niche market.

The author of this video points out that it was not possible to share more details for reasons of confidentiality imposed by Huawei. Not surprisingly, the technology company wants the world to see only what it wants.

First smartwatch with HarmonyOS arrives at the end of the year

Accompanying this video, the news arrives that Huawei plans to put its first smartwatch with HarmonyOS on the market by the end of the year. Something that will make it the first product mobile with Huawei’s own operating system hitting the shelves.

For now, we do not know if this smartwatch will be sold globally or if it will be exclusive to the Chinese market. This could be the ideal product for the company to test the market out of doors.

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