See the fantastic video made with this smaller drone than your smartphone

See the fantastic video made with this smaller drone than your smartphone

Drones are a fantastic technology and a little complex to master. Of course, if you don't buy one of those "DJI" made for "normal" users. Anyone who has a passion for this gadget goes a step further. Build yours and make simply brilliant videos.

I discovered Robert McIntosh's video when I was yesterday writing an article about the possible DJI drone with FPV. This video fascinated me in every way. Both with the end result and when it was recorded.

Video of the little drone before editing

Video of the little drone after editing

It was not mentioned which materials were used or which camera recorded the clip. However, we can see that the drone is small, very small. An example of this is their passage through narrow places that most drones simply cannot.

Drones are increasingly used in advertising

These kind of drones are increasingly requested for advertising clips. Examples are the videos you can see below. Once again, I discovered these clips in yesterday's DJI article and was simply fascinated.

Drones are still a seven-headed animal in UK

Unfortunately UK has not yet defined itself correctly about drones. Most drones need insurance, registration and license to fly. Something that is driving potential users away from the gadget.

Still, I still believe that legislation for this kind of "toy" is necessary. However, I fully believe that the UK’s State could make it simpler and more organized.

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