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See Bill Gates explaining what the Internet is on a 1995 television show

See Bill Gates explaining what the Internet is on a 1995 television show

It was in 1995 that Bill Gates, then CEO of Microsoft, was invited to the television show "Late Show with David Letterman" to talk about himself, his company and his predictions of the future.

One of the most interesting questions was when David, the host of the show, asked Bill Gates to explain a little of what the internet is all about.

Bill Gates explains what the internet is 1995

Unfortunately there are no subtitles for this video, but if English is not your forte, I will give you some insight into what is spoken by Bill Gates.

Bill Gates describes the Internet in 1995

bill Gates

When asked to describe the Internet, Bill states that "It has been a place where people are putting information. Every person can have their webpage, the companies are there, the latest information … It's wild what is going on … Sending e-mail to people. It's the new big news"

David, even without really understanding what the Internet is, exposes a situation that made him question the need for the Internet. He says that a while ago it was said that a report of a baseball game was going to be broadcast on the Internet. And ask Bill Gates the following question "Has anyone heard of the radio? But is there any difference? What's the difference?"

To which Bill Gates responds, "there is a difference, you can listen to any game anytime"David wondered if the recording is stored in some kind of memory to what Bill Gates claims to be. David soon wonders."Have you heard of a tape recorder?"

David Letterman left without realizing what the Internet was for

David ends up asking Bill Gates "What am I failing here? What do I really need?" Bill Gates was not exactly the most concrete in the answer because even for him the Internet was a mystery to be discovered.

But just over 20 years after the Internet became popular around the world, we all know its benefits and few can live without it.

The latest news, information at your fingertips or even cat videos. Globalization has changed with the Internet and I am happy to be one of the people who have seen the birth and growth of this service over the years. People born at the height of the Internet will never learn to value it.

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