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Samsung Galaxy S21 presented earlier? The reason was revealed

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Security company says Android smartphones are safer than iPhone

Israeli company Cellebrite, known for its iPhone hacking tools, made an interesting statement. According to her, several Android smartphones are now more difficult to hack than an iPhone.

For a long time it was said that the iPhone was, by nature, a safer device than any similar Android. Perhaps because iOS is less exposed to malware, but this is different from the encryption on the device.

It is precisely at this last point that the company Cellebrite takes to say that Android is increasingly safe. The same tool the company uses to hack an iPhone (up to X) cannot do the same for many of its competitors.


Huawei smartphones are immune to Cellebrite tool

The company claims to be unable to access data from equipment such as the Google Pixel 2 or Samsung Galaxy S9. Despite all the existing mistrust, the company says it cannot access any Huawei smartphone

This statement must be particularly difficult to assimilate for Donald Trump, who says he is convinced that the Chinese smartphone has backdoors for the Beijing government. Cellebrite’s statements do not contradict this theory, they just state that they are not violable using its tool.

The same can be applied to any of the equipment referred to above as tamper-proof. This is because the new versions of the operating system have invested in the security of user data, often with hardware developed specifically for that purpose.

What is encryption

To better understand what Cellebrite’s statements are based on, it is a good idea to explain what cryptography is. This is a method of preventing third parties from reading information that is exchanged between two parties.

In short, encryption consists of modifying a given message to something apparently meaningless during the sending process. However, this supposed mess was generated by a cryptographic key, which is used to revert the message to its original state when it reaches the recipient.

This way, even if someone intercepts the message, you will not notice anything about its content. Thus, your correspondence will be visible only to those entitled to it.

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