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Secret Origins: Netflix’s Risky Superhero Thriller

A very particular thriller

Netflix continues to produce non-stop. The platform already declared at the time that the latest price increase had the clear objective of raising more money to produce more and better series and own films and for the moment it seems to be being true to its word (despite certain pandemic and the break it has meant for the entertainment world).

A clear example of this commitment to original content is in the new film that the content service has just announced. We talk about Secret origins, a kind of thriller with tints of comedy quite particular, and certainly risky, in which a criminal investigation is mixed with the world of Superheros.

Secret origins

Yes, a somewhat explosive mix that has as conductor David Galán Galindo and a distribution with many familiar faces on the English scene: the fantastic Javier Rey (Fariña), Verónica Echegui, Antonio Resines, Ernesto Alterio and a versatile Brays Efe that it will be interesting to see outside of their star role as Paquita Salas.

Secret origins

As we say, the approach is daring: mixing suspense with comedy is not easy and if we already put the (demanding) world of superheroes in the cocktail, everything becomes much more complicated. We will have to wait to see the film to make a final judgment on a certainly original plot in which a serial killer commits his crimes by replicating the first appearances of comic book characters best known.

You have the synopsis then:

Madrid, 2019. A serial killer is causing chaos. Anonymous and offline people are being killed imitating the first appearances of the best-known superheroes. Cosme is the best detective in his station and is about to retire against his will. David is his relief and he is young and impulsive. Both will have the mission to fit the pieces in a game, of which they are completely unaware of the rules. In their adventure they will have the help of Jorge Elías, son of Cosme, a beloved geek and owner of a comic book store, and Norma, their boss and lover of manga and cosplay. They say that sometimes you have to put on your suit and go out and make this world a better place. This may be one of them.

Secret Origins Trailer

In addition to giving us all the details about what we will see in the film and revealing a release date (which will be the next August 28, the day the title is available to watch on Netflix), the on-demand content service has already launched a trailer with which we can get a better idea of ​​what we will see.

We leave it just below for you to enjoy the preview. In two weeks we can give the final verdict. What do you think of the proposal?

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