Apex Legends Season 4, news

Apex Legends, in case it still doesn’t sound like it, is a video game developed by Respawn Entertaiment and Electronic Arts. It has only been a year between us and yet it has already managed to position itself as one of the most attractive battle royale games of the moment. So much that he is being able to get the attention of the undecided who doubt whether or not to play Fortnite and, also, of those who tired of the Epic Games game are looking for alternatives.

Well, now season 4 arrives and with it some interesting news among which the new legend: Revenant. But before continuing, check out the trailer.

As you can see, Hammond Robotics opens the trailer with what appears to be a corporate video. But from there everything is truncated, Revenant appears in action and they show that this gigantic planetary gatherer will give more than one headache.

With the name of Assimilation This fourth season not only includes a new legend, but also a new battle pass and with it news in the form of content, challenges and challenges that the community of players can enjoy both individually and in groups.

In addition to that, there will be a total of more than 100 new exclusive objects, such as new legendary aspects, loading screens and other items such as music packs, etc. Of course, what will interest you many are the novelties of the map, weapon and the occasional detail directly related to the game, with the battle.

Here Respawn has decided to introduce a new weapon called Sentinel, a sniper rifle that will delight all lovers of this type of weapons and that will be able to pierce the armor of the enemies.

There will also be a new game mode: Qualifying Series 3. In it there will be two shorter phases that will last three months in total and are intended to maintain interest in climbing positions in the ranking. Thus, the first phase will be played at the End of the World and phase two will return to Cañon de los Reyes.

With all this, Apex Legends hopes to continue reaping the good reviews he has achieved during this first year. In addition, for EA it is a very profitable business, as it has already been seen for its ability to generate revenue through the boxes that users can buy.

If for some casual you have not played Apex Legends yet and you like this type of games, you should try it. It is available for both Xbox and Playstation and PC. So you just have to access Origin and download it. Then you tell us what you think and if you like it more or less than Fortnite.