Searching for 'idiot' in Google Search gives us Donald Trump. Because?

Searching for 'idiot' in Google Search gives us Donald Trump. Because?
Searching for idiot on Google Search gives us Donald Trump. Because?
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I have to start by saying that I am not here to make political comments. But I have to comment on the fact that if you do a Google search on images with the word 'idiot' brings you a load of Donald Trump images. But why?

Donald Trump is far from the most beloved President in the world. It has won the elections controversially and has ideas that really don't remind anyone. I speak of that wall between the United States and Mexico.

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His visit to the United Kingdom and meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin also did not leave him in good water. In addition to being criticized by the usual American media, he was also criticized by his supporters for not having a more defensive attitude of his American people at the conference with the Russian president.

I know it can be a little boring reading this but you have to understand what motivated people to attack Google search with the word idiot.

Donald Trump is at the top of Google searches with the word "Idiot"

Google's algorithm may be very advanced but not perfect. The general population has gathered to bring Donald Trump's face to the top of Google search with the word "idiot".

I will explain. If a website of any caliber publishes a Donald Trump image and states that the image's name is "Idiot" Google's algorithm will think exactly that.

Of course there is not a website to do this. There were thousands of Reddit images posted by users with such descriptions. In fact, this action was so strong that GreenDay's song "American Idiot" returned to the trend. Both from Youtube and Spotify.

Google search can actually be very good and automated but the lack of human pulse is evident. We see this with the "Fake News" that is constantly invading our feed.

We don't know if Google intends to do anything about the situation. Although I even agree with the search result it does not seem to me to be the desired result for those who are really looking for "Idiot".

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