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Sarahah: social network already has 95 million users

Sarahah Snapchat Social Network
Sarahah, like Snapchat, is the new social network for young people!

Sarahah is the social network you may never have heard of. However, this social network, which is almost characterized by a new Snapchat, is already used by more than 95 million people in the United States.

The reason Sarahah is such a famous, if very recent, social network has to do with American teenagers. Indeed, having only been released in February, it reached the highlights of the App Store in July.

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The social network application developer, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, admits that the success that his creation achieved was the result of chance. In fact, the reason you created the app was so that an employer's employees could give you feedback without being identified.

Sarahah already has 95 million subscribers, with a staggering growth rate …

Because, because this application has to do with anonymous messages received and sent to someone else. That is, the sender knows who is doing it, obviously. Whoever receives does not know who sent it. This is the magic of Sarahah.

Thus, along with Snapchat at the beginning of its existence, this social network shines for its irreverence in the way people communicate with each other. It is today one of the most popular App Store apps in the United States and one of the pioneers on the Android Play Store table in India.

However, not everything is good and the consequences of a relational application in which identity is hidden can become a weapon, pass the expression, for those who act anonymously on someone else.

But will it fall as fast as the Snapchat social network?

However, this will only and only depend on the good (or bad) use of the application. Did you already know and install it? Or don't you think to do it? I already knew of its existence here, but I did not use it by choice.

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