Samsung's new folding smartphone will be totally different from Galaxy Fold

Samsung's new folding smartphone will be totally different from Galaxy Fold

Samsung has filed a patent for a new folding smartphone that gives us insight into what to expect in the future. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold, the brand's first folding mobile phone, Samsung has promised it will bring more and better in the future.

This new model, which is being called the "Z", should be one of them. A smartphone that will double by 3 and be the size of a small tablet.

Samsung folding smartphone

Another Samsung folding smartphone that will turn into a small tablet

Once again Samsung does not think of taking advantage of the "folding" to reduce the size of its smartphones. Instead, we will have one more device the size of a smartphone that will be a tablet when opened.

Patents show that the smartphone will double in 3 and in "Z" format. Hence your nickname.

Where are the cameras? Technology we don't know yet?

As you can see in the images, this patent does not show any cameras. Neither front nor rear. Although it is just a "design", manufacturers always register the patent of the smartphone itself. That is, if he has cameras, the cameras will be in this drawing.

Samsung folding smartphone

So of the two one. Either this new smartphone will not have cameras (which I doubt), or has implemented a technology that we do not have on the market yet.

Vivo, OPPO, Samsung and LG are already working on "in-screen" cameras not visible to the naked eye. This is one of the technologies that will end notches, pop-ups and slides. Certainly this is what "we are not seeing here". Cameras that are integrated inside the smartphone.

It is too early to be sure what the smartphone will look like. Patents guarantee nothing. Still, we have the idea that Samsung is spending time and money developing a smartphone with these features of images.

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