The most powerful 2021 processor is expected to be manufactured by Samsung with its new 5 nm process. The South Korean’s “secret formula” will be the basis for the next high-end SoC of the North American Qualcomm.

The information was advanced by the publication Business Korea, noting that the next Snapdragon will be built at Samsung Foundry according to the 5 nm architecture, the most advanced lithography standard to date.

The next Snapdragon 875 will be produced by Samsung

Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 5 nm Samsung

The contract cost Samsung about $ 1 billion and was only possible thanks to the adaptation of the manufacture of semiconductor components to the 5 nm lithography. To this end, Samsung used what it calls the “Extreme Ultra-Violet” lithography.

The news came to surprise the technological world as TSMC ((Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactoring Company) is, historically, the most prolific of semiconductor manufacturers with customers like Apple and Huawei, among others.

Still, Samsung has now managed to snatch this customer and Qualcomm’s most coveted product. In fact, when building the most powerful processor in the 8xx line, Samsung will be responsible for one of the best processors of 2021.

To this end, Samsung will have overcome the difficulties in mass producing these components as processors for mobile devices. Something that will have cost you a large volume of orders and customers for the Taiwanese TSMC.

The Snapdragon 875 may be the most powerful SoC of 2021

The successor to the current Snapdragon 865+ has not yet been announced, but if Qualcomm keeps the presentation schedule, it will be revealed in December, during the company’s Haway event. Until then, we already know who will manufacture this processor.

The press also suggests that Samsung will have made an offer higher than that of TSMC to secure this deal. On the other hand, the Taiwanese company has customers such as Apple and Huawei, being very busy and prepared to produce new SoC.

In addition to the production of Snapdragon 875, Samsung should also address cheaper processors like the Snapdragon 735G, or the range Snapdragon 400. All of these processors are expected to already have 5G modems included.

The smaller the lithography, the greater the performance

In the future, Samsung should jump from lithography at 5 nm to the standard at 3 nm, still under investigation. Anyway, we have a processor with better performance and lower energy consumption thanks to this new process at 5 nm.

It is worth noting that the shorter the distance between semiconductors, the components of a given processor, the lower the energy consumption and the higher the performance. This is, in summary, the importance of chip lithography.

Samsung is not even close to the lead when it comes to producing semiconductor processors and components, but South Korean technology hopes to close that gap in the future. For that, the Snapdragon 875 is really the ideal product.

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