Samsung will continue to dominate in 2020, Huawei will fall in 2021

Strategy Analytics agency chart for the global mobile market

Samsung will easily recover from the downturn in the market mobile and motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple will dispute the 2nd place, with Xiaomi in strong growth in 2020, while Huawei is preparing for the hecatombe to feel in 2021.

The data were advanced by the market analysis agency, Strategy Analytics, with its balance sheet from the global sales volume in 2019, the estimated values ​​for the whole of 2020 and with its forecasts for 2021.

Estimates for the global smartphone market

Strategy Analytics agency chart for the global mobile market
Credit: Strategy Analytics, by Song Ji-yoon

There is a tendency for the global smartphone market to recover, which is already growing in 2021. Note that, previously, estimates indicated a 15.6% drop in sales volume, a revised figure of 11% in 2020. .

According to Strategy Analytics, the North American, European and Indian markets will be the main drivers of growth and recovery in sales. The Chinese market will remain stable, continuing to be the world’s largest sales stage.

The graph above shows the agency’s forecasts for this year, taking into account the values ​​already recorded in the previous quarters and forecasting the other sales in 2020. This justifies the estimates for global sales for the next year.

Samsung will hold the crown in 2020

In a period of contraction, Samsung will maintain its leadership with some 265.5 million smartphones sold this year, according to forecasts. Huawei will keep the 2nd place with 192.7 million and Apple, next, with 190.1 million units sold.

The year 2020 will end with Xiaomi predictably in fourth place, something far from the third place, but with strong growth indicators that will bear all the fruits in the coming year.

In summary, this year there were few changes in the usual ordering of the world’s largest manufacturers. In fact, contrary to previous estimates, the market will contain a downward trend.

In 2021 Huawei may become irrelevant

Strategy Analytics estimates a year of 2021 that was particularly painful for the once thriving Chinese manufacturer. Despite holding the second position in 2020, thanks to the excellent performance in the Christmas market, in 2021 it will be impossible to contain the fall.

The worsening limitations imposed on the Chinese manufacturer will have the most serious effects in the coming year. As a result, estimates point to 59 million units sold, an abysmal drop from the 192.7 million in 2020.

The other rivals will strengthen, without exception, their respective positions, isolating themselves in the Top 3. Even so, only in 2022 is the mobile market expected to match the 2019 figures in which 1.41 billion units were sold globally.

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