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Samsung will bet on thinner and lighter folding smartphones

Samsung is the leading manufacturer in the market, responsible for the most used Android smartphones in the world. However, in the face of a “saturated market”, the pioneer of folding devices will increasingly bet on this format to continue to grow.

It was by the hand of Samsung, and then by Huawei, that we got to know the first folding smartphones, a niche still taking its first steps. Still, it will be in this completely new field that the South Korean manufacturer will bet the most.

Foldable smartphones are the future of Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Flio Android smartphone

The market segment that Samsung helped to create still needs a lot of work, but it will be one of the main vectors of investment. With new equipment already outlined, the priority will be to respond to consumer demands.

This is the corollary of the Samsung Electronics 2020 Investor Forum, a virtual conference that brought together several of the most important shareholders and directors of the company, in addition to Lee Jong-Min, the current executive director of the South Korean company.

Another one of the vernacular themes was related to the company’s future, its position in the market mobile and the future of this. In view of the current state of saturation, with slight signs of recovery, Samsung will put more folding smartphones in stores.

In the face of a saturated market, the bet will be on foldable smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Goals set by Samsung at Electronics’ 2020 Investors Forum

Taking the floor, Lee Jong-Min said that foldable smartphones will allow Samsung to continue to grow, even with the “saturated smartphone market”. The responsible for the manufacturer was clear, the future will pass through this new format.

“Foldable smartphones are not merely an expansion of current phones, but an entirely different sector,” said Jong-Min during the conference with investors and shareholders.

The brand’s efforts will thus go through the solidification of the Z range as one of the most popular products, rooting this range in the minds of consumers. Something they will achieve by also supporting themselves in the advances in other areas and product ranges.

Meeting consumers

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Data revealed by Samsung at Electronics’ 2020 Investors Forum

While it may seem obvious, the next foldable smartphones are expected to be thinner and lighter. This point was quite emphasized, even though the most recent iteration of the Galaxy Fold is heavier and thicker than the first of its range.

Also revealing several of the consumers’ wishes, Samsung wants to respond to these needs. Focusing on productivity with Fold, the screen size will continue to be the main asset, combined with the foldable format.

To this is added the portability and convenience of having a large screen, in a future format more compact. In other words, Folds will give the consumer the large screen area that characterizes and values ​​tablets, but in a product that is easy to transport.

In the meantime, Samsung is finalizing the Galaxy S21 line, with a likely presentation in February 2021. There we will also be able to discover a new folding device, reflecting this new direction and coordinated efforts of the company.

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