Home Mobile Samsung will be working on an unbelievable screen smartphone!

Samsung will be working on an unbelievable screen smartphone!

Samsung will be working on an unbelievable screen smartphone!

Over the past few months, there have been many rumors about the future of Samsung's flagship smartphone lines. Among the many possibilities is the launch of a new family – Galaxy One – or the merging of the Galasy S and Galaxy Note lines.

Regardless of what they will do for the future of their flagship products, a new patent registered by Samsung lets us dream about the design of their upcoming smartphones. This patent discloses a 3D screen that covers all the edges of the smartphone, extending to its sides as well as its vertical limits.

Samsung Patent 3D screen
Pictures: LetsGoDigital

Could this be the design used in the first Samsung Galaxy One?

So far, no indication has yet emerged that this type of design will be applied to the new line of smartphones, but it is certainly a possibility. Considering that we don't know yet when it will be presented, the manufacturer may be saving impressive surprises to ensure its success.

As we can see from the patent schemes, the way this screen is formed is quite peculiar. Instead of presenting a single curved panel, it seems to integrate a traditional flat screen, which is joined to four "grafts" that form said 3D screen. Obviously, with the presence of a larger screen surface, they will get the most out of implementing new forms of interaction.

The patent only mentions the presence of small icons that should considerably increase productivity on the smartphone. But it seems obvious that with such a screen, the opportunities are virtually endless.

Samsung Galaxy One

This is not Samsung's first patent with a "3D screen"

Samsung is no stranger to this type of design, having registered patents with similar approaches in the past. Therefore, the registration of this new patent does not guarantee its use on a future branded smartphone.

However, as the manufacturer continues to focus on improving this type of design, it would not be a big surprise to see at least some elements applied in the 2020 tops.

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