Samsung wants to launch a smartphone that will surprise you

Samsung transparent

Samsung recently submitted a new patent that tells us how it could be the most irreverent smartphone in recent years. That document reveals to us that the South Korean will be thinking about developing a totally transparent equipment.

The document was submitted to the international entity WIPO in late August. However, it is only now that it is in the news, mainly because the publication Letsgodigital, in partnership with the designer Guiseppe Spinelli, launched the first renders that device.

Samsung transparent
Credits: LetsGoDigital

Here are the secrets behind the transparent smartphone that Samsung is devising

According to the patent that Samsung has delivered, this irreverent equipment will be built on the basis of an OLED panel. This will be characterized by its low energy consumption, high brightness and fast response times.

This component will be the main piece of the puzzle for the development of this type of device. For this, Samsung will use a transparent panel, but through which the light can shine.

Samsung transparent
Credits: LetsGoDigital

It is also mentioned in the patent that this screen may be flat, flexible and that it can still be rolled up. In other words, the technology Samsung is working on may serve several types of products.

The idea is appealing, but is it practical?

Certainly, like me, you judged this idea of ​​Samsung as something you want to have in your pocket. But there is a question that we have to ask: is this viable?

The idea of ​​having a fully transparent smartphone is incredible, but where will Samsung put all the components that make up the device? It is worth remembering that this hardware is currently placed precisely under the screen.

There is always the possibility that Samsung will place them on the bottom or top of the device, but that would considerably increase the margins of the smartphone. Something that would ruin your appearance.

We still have to consider how visible the content on this type of panel would be, especially in the sun. In other words, there are many drawbacks about this technology, so it is possible that this idea will not get off the ground.

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